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Wrong number of Reviews on Gigs. New Bug

Hi Peeps,
I have 86 reviews on my best Selling Gig but today I was surprised to see that only 16 reviews on the gig when I searched it on Fiverr… Later on, I checked my friend’s gig that has 700+ reviews but his gig was showing only 22 reviews.
So I guess, it’s a bug in the system. Did anyone else facing it?
Thank you.


It’s not a bug. fiverr did update the system recently. Now what you only see on the gig is rating which belongs to last 60 days.

you can hover the ratings to view lifetime rating amount too.

I think you got it. Personally I hate this update and like the way it was. :wink:

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This update can be misleading for new visitors/buyers because everyone won’t drag their cursors on the number of reviews to see how many reviews are for lifetime and how many are there in last 60 days.

Doesn’t make any good sense.


Yes exactly. This update mislead buyers. If we think about sellers who hasn’t active for 2 months and come back to try to sell their old gig, even if they had hundred or thousand ratings, they looks new sellers which has no rating. so it really mislead the customers.

But from side of Fiverr, buyers should go with mostly active sellers instead sellers having more ratings. That way there is a little bit of chance for new sellers to hack in to the demand and compete with old sellers.

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Thanks for the clarification. I heard about the update but I didn’t realize it works like this.

Exactly! Especially it will be hard for new buyers to trust anyone with a few reviews on a gig.

Sooner than later, all buyers will realize that the 2 or 3 digit number of reviews of their favorite sellers are not showing anymore and they will know to look for the Lifetime reviews while looking at seller profiles.

To be honest, it might only be a little problematic at the start. But it will not matter in the long run because you WILL NOT be the ONLY seller whose profile is only displaying reviews from the last 60 days. It will be the same for EVERYONE! :slight_smile: (IDK about the pro sellers though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


A very pathetic update. Actually it misleads Buyers. It should be reverted back.

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What’s the point of this update? How does this help at all?

And I’m still not seeing it yet.

@cheyennewriter check this out!