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Wrong order was cancelled, or buyer screwed me

I contacted Fiverr support a few days ago about an order where the buyer was unresponsive, and I couldn’t complete the job due to limitations. Since he never responded to me, I contacted support to have it cancelled. That ticket was set up 2 days ago, and I got a message from fiverr just an hour or so ago saying an order was cancelled, but for a completely different one.

All fiverr says, is that it was cancelled by fiverr support, and that I can no longer contact the buyer. The other order I requested be cancelled, is still up.

My question is this, did they cancel the other order because the buyer did something? Because I was nearly done with this order, literally had 8 posts total to go (I’m a forum poster). My thought, is that maybe the buyer was caught scamming, was banned. So does that mean I’m essentially screwed out of this money? Or does Fiverr have me covered if I show them proof that the order is near completion? I had until May 31st to complete the order as well, so it wasn’t late or anything like that.

But, with me requesting to have another order cancelled, maybe they mistakenly cancelled the wrong order? They haven’t responded to the ticket itself though.

Check to see if the buyer of the canceled order is still active. If they were banned their account will be gone.

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I checked, and when going to the users profile, it brings me to my dashboard instead. So I take it he was banned.

Does that mean I won’t be receiving that money even though I was nearly done with the order?

If they got banned during an active order, I believe the money returns back to the buyer.

These are different things

Case one : - you sent a message to support to cancel the order and the case is still open
Case two: - one of your previous buyer did a charge back on Fiverr, since 2 or 3 months if the payment is made by the buyer through Palpal, and order was marked complete by buyer ( not Automatically completed after 3 days ) you will get your funds back. if not, it will be just another cancellation

your case three: - In your case since the order was active and you did not do deliver( considering there was time for delivery) . you will not get the funds back and it will be just a cancellation ( it was just a charge back by your client)

The order was not cancelled by me. I put in a cancellation request for another order 2-3 days ago, from a completely different buyer. They haven’t responded to that request yet.

This order was due on the 31st, and I had only 8 posts to do. I was doing 4 posts a day over a 30 day period. I literally had 2 days left on the job, with an extra day to spare before I was going to mark it complete. But, can’t do that now, as Fiverr cancelled the order and I’m now out $30 and all the time I wasted on the job.

So what you guys are essentially saying, is that I pretty much got screwed by the buyer and Fiverr won’t be able to help me?

If that’s so, Fiverr really needs to fix this sort of thing so it doesn’t happen again.

We can’t know; inform support about the situation and hang in there with them until you know what happened and if they can do something for you. Have some patience too, it seems they aren’t as fast as usual with responding currently.

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Yeah I’m hopeful things can be sorted. Will wait and see if Fiverr support responds.

It’s PayPal dispute.

These are some of the loopholes which I myself mentioned in a post and a few where the scholars who said that Customer support in Fiverr is doing great and doesn’t have a problem at all. I wish some one watch here as well

First mistake was contacting support.

In such situations, deliver to your best knowledge and let the work be. Fiverr would automatically accept the work on the 4th day.

Customer care has so much work to do.

And they have put codes in place to handle buyers that dont respond to the delivery of their works.

This happened to me … I delivered all i could and the buyer went MIA .

After the third day fiverr paid me for the job and the job is delivered.

The job wasn’t completed when it was cancelled. I had 8 posts to go, and the due date on the order was the 31st, so I would have had one day left to send in my completed work. Which would have been done today.

But, Fiverr cancelled the order and gave me literally no details as to why it was cancelled.

And keep in mind, when you complete an order and the buyer is unresponsive, the order will auto complete in three days if I’m not mistaken.

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I suspect the buyer did a Chargeback on the existing order as that causes an auto-ban for buyers. If Support had cancelled the wrong one by accident you would have got a response to your ticket.

Well I sure hope they get back to me in regards to it. Kind of not cool to cancel an order and not explain the reason as to why it happened. I got an email saying an order was cancelled, but it never gave me any detail as to why.