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Wrong order - what the hell?

Hello, guys! So basically, yesterday a buyer placed an order on my “Cartoon portrait” gig and his request had nothing to do with my service. He wanted me to remove and replace a word in his photo. This literally has nothing in common with my service. So, I contacted Customer Support and asked them to cancel the order without it affecting my “Order Completion” rate - something I’ve done a bunch of times so far, and after I provided more than enough details this CS guy writes me 6 hours later requiring an “Order number” to proceed further. I provide the order number (Which wasn’t necessary as I’ve been through this at least 10 times with CS and every time it went flawlessly without that being a requirement) - so I provided the Order number and went to sleep as it was 3 am here. I expected this to be taken care of and I woke up to a “Late delivery”. I logged in my e-mail to check what’s happening and the message I got from the same CS guy was something like “Hey, I understand the frustration. Are you sure that you want to proceed with the cancellation?” WHAT THE HELL? Now the order is 5 hours late and I literally am waiting from another response from CS. Never had stumbled upon a more incompetent CS employee. What if I get a 1* star for late delivery? Are my hands tied now?

Sorry to hear . :expressionless:

If the order is cancelled, you won’t be penalized for late delivery as far as your stats go. You will also only get a cancelled order seller failed to deliver on time review, if the order is not cancelled within 48-hours post the scheduled delivery time.

Given the above, I’d say don’t panic. However, you may still see your order completion rate take a hit by cancelling. Whenever I reach out to CS in cases like this, it always seems to go either way.

Well, I’ve actually had it good so far. Whenever an order was misplaced CS always assisted me and my Order Completion Rate never suffered. But the misplaced orders I get that I had to cancel were always really absurd and had nothing to do with my gig, like literally nothing, so I guess that CS took that into account as well.

"Hello again,
Following up on your request. I’m really sorry that this is affecting you but unfortunately, We would not be able to remove the information that was collected on your account stats this is an internal process done by the system the real situation with the order is that now that is marked as late it will affect your account and this order status allow the buyer to proceed to cancel the order and this will generate that the system will leave a negative balance.
I’ll suggest allowing us to cancel the order that way we can avoid that the system will leave negative feedback, could you please be so kind to grant me authorization to take further actions, once again all cancelations will be reflected on your account.
Awaiting your kind response. "

OMG… I literally ASKED THEM to CANCEL YESTERDAY and they still haven’t cancelled it and I got a follow up with this message 6 hours later. Oh my god I’m facepalming rn