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Wrong Paypal email

So I am withdrawing my earnings($20) through paypal when I was confirming(I am in hurry at that time) in withdraw, I saw that my email address that I linked on Paypal is wrong. I use two email addresses and one is for Paypal and one is for Fiverr. Fiverr said they withdraw it already and cannot be undone. I immediately changed my Fiverr email address that will link my Paypal account. Will Fiverr bring back the money or
will they send it on my Paypal? (I didn’t make a Paypal account that linked in my old Fiverr email address so Idk).

I am very new at this and I don’t know much about withdrawing since this were all my first time. I really needed the money and I don’t get that much client.


Best talk to CS team they will help you what will be the best for you.

I contacted them yesterday, I’m still waiting for them to reply/respond.

I have the same problem as you

Was your problem solved?