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Wrong price in replying to a "Buyer Request"

Hi Everybody!
I’m relatively new on Fiverr, and I need a little help trying to solve my “problem”.

I replied to a buyer request from my smartphone and unfortunately I wrote a wrong price about my offer (it was TOO higher compared to the buyer’s budget)…it was a typing error, but when I noticed it, my offer was already sent!!!

I didn’t find the way to contact the potential buyer to explain my mistake… is there one way?

Can I modify? Help me please :pleading_face: :pray: :rainbow:

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Once you press, send you can not change your offer. Also, it is against the TOS to contact buyers. In any case, you can not reach them unless they are also sellers because buyer only accounts do not have a green “contact me” button.


Thanks For your reply! :slight_smile: