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Wrong quote in upcoming earnings

I am afraid and worried that why fiverr is showing me wrong upcoming earning amount, that is less than actual amount, is there any fault?

Have you received a tip recently? Every time this happens to me, it’s because someone’s left me a tip (which is great!), but for some reason, it takes a while to update. I’d give it a day, and if it still is incorrect, contact support and ask if they can “reset” or “refresh” your account.

thank you for replying. yes I have got tip from my client and may be that is the reason as you stated. But in past I have been tipped 5 times but it didn’t happen then.

The tip feature is fairly new so it might take some time to get it perfectly in sync.

Tip feature’s always worked for me. I find human error (lying) to be the biggest factor. As in “THANK YOU SO MUCH I WILL BE SURE TO TIP YOU!” tumbleweeds