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Wrong response rate ! I have the solution

If your response rate is going down without any reason, mine also went from 100% to 94% in just 2 hrs even if I did not receive any message, I contacted the CS and here was their reply

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Yes they can and do fix the stats if they’re wrong and if you create a support ticket about it. I don’t think it necessarily needs cookies/cache removed afterwards. You might just need to refresh the page later.

The problem is they still haven’t fixed the main bug that causes it to go wrong (which can be messages auto-flagged as spam affecting the response rate), so people will have to keep contacting them if they think it’s wrong to get theirs fixed (eg. if it would affect promotion or cause a demotion if left uncorrected). It will be much less time/work in the long run (it’ll save a lot of support requests etc.) if the main bug causing it is fixed.

Yes @uk1000 You’re right and they also said that most of the sellers have 100% response rate on their (fiverr’s official) database

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