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Wrong response time

Both site and app are showing a wrong response time in my profile, it was showing 17h yesterday, now is 19h,

I usually reply to messages in at least 2h, since my smartphone is aways with me

I’ve already checked unread messages, spam and all the other categories, and everything looks ok there

Please help!


This could be a glitch so you should probably contact Fiverr customer support!

Or wait a bit for it to right itself.

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Its been about a week since it turned to 17h, and yesterday suddenly changed to 19h…

everything was alright before, I will try the customer support as krheate sugested

Thank u friend

Thank u for the feedback krheat

Could you please tell me how do I get in contact with them? There is no such an option in the app nor in the site is one way to reach CS.

Same as me, mate. Just a bug. It doesn’t affect anything.

It doesn’t effects a lot I think so…

The response to the messages from new buyers is considered as the response time. Other messages doesn’t effect on response time.

You can contact them through email at

My problem, which has happened over and over again is that somehow they are miscalculating my response time. How is it possible for my response time to keep on going down and down when I am responding to all of the messages? I am guessing there are people who send messages but then the messages get blocked or taken down but they somehow forget to calculate this and I can’t do anything about it. Over and over my account has been reduced in levels due to this problem. And I have tried over and over to get them to fix it. They just say you have to wait until the next time you are evaluated. But it doesn’t solve the problem. It seems to me that fiverr really doesn’t care about providing accurate stats or rewarding people for their hard work. This has been going on for years and I should be a top seller. I wish customer service would prove me wrong and make things accurate and fair. Good luck in getting anything done on this