WTF, Fiverr!?


I put up a gig and had a client within five hours. Then I get a message from Fiverr that my photo isn’t the right size. I resized it to exactly the specifications they asked and they denied it! Now, I have no freakin’ clue as to what I did wrong and I have a potential client on hold, or disappeared.


The resolution is probably too low. Take a better quality picture or get one off of Google images.


Messaging you by just saying “it isn’t the right size” is just non-sense. Why not instead answer you back with the following; "your image should be in this; 123px X 456px.

But it’s not Fiverr’s fault, it’s the CSR/Agent.


  • Please, no ads. This is not a banner.
  • Do not add text to your photo.

  • JPEG format, 1100x260 pixels, 2 MB max.

  • You must own the image copyrights.

Thank you.