WTF! I found a website which had stolen hundreds of fiverr gigs


I can’t post the link here because it is against the rules of our forum. To be honest, I was completely shocked. On the same website, I was able to find a lot of gigs from me and other forum users.

The entire website is some Fiverr ripoff based in **********. I have reported the link to customer support, even though I know that they can’t help.

Let’s report this website together somehow. (if I would be allowed to share the link)

EDIT: My name was cut out as all of my gig photos are watermarked.


I reported a site that has “Fiverr” in the URL, and is very very very sketchy and I´d think can´t be legal, to T&S, they thanked me and said they’ll pass it on, but the site is still up, guess it´s not that easy…

discobot might know that site, probably… Please google and report it for us, bot, thank you.


Yep, I have found a lot of Fiverr copies. ************************************


Only Fiverr official’s report will work :wink: I guess CS already informed, if they issue a copy right claim, that site can be taken down with DMCA. Some websites are living with click bait. I guess one of them choose to copy some content from Fiverr. :smiley:
I suggest removing the country name you mentioned in post.


You are right. Man, those guys had a lot of our gigs, not just mine, but a lot others gigs that are from people here on the forum. It’s actually an official company registered in the country that I mentioned.

I thought I was allowed to put country names in this kind of situations.


Why does it matter where it is based?

Edit: I posted this question almost a half-hour ago and I can’t think of a reason and haven’t seen a response. I hope you’ll send the URL to Customer Support but I’m going to remove the regional references.


I don’t see a problem with mentioning info about the site, like where it’s based at.

There’s nothing we can do, though. Fiverr will have to file a copyright claim to have the website taken down. There are a lot of sites like this that scrape the images, usernames, and gig information of Fiverr users and copy-cat them (usually listing them for a lot more than $5).


That’s insane. Smh some people actually do this kind of stuff


Totally agree, @sydneymorgan. It’s not that it’s a specific problem with mentioning where the site is located if there was a really good reason to include the info. We’ve had some problems on the forum with stereotyping when regional references are made about something negative. Due to that, the forum guidelines discourage the mention of location with things like this. So, after giving it some thought and time, that part has been removed. By all means, though, anyone who knows about these kinds of sites should report them to Support and they are clearly scams and could have a bad impact on Fiverr and Fiverr users.


I don’t get why no one can share a link to the site? Shouldn’t a link be provided for those with stolen content/gig/samples/ portfolios to confirm to report to support?


You should absolutely send the link to Customer Support.


Sorry if I wasn’t clear enough. I meant the site @gig_freak found. What if that site had mine or some other sellers info/samples? Why can’t the link to the site be shared on the Forums? Wouldn’t that make it easier for people to report the site to CS?
On another note, if it’s a registered site can’t Fiverr like sue em or somethin? I know I would.


I’ve seen exact copies of my gigs on other sites of various kinds as well as on this site. I used to do a hunt for them once a month but gave up as there are so many.


This is what can be done…

  1. Allow Fiverr’s legal team to handle the matter, which only benefits Fiverr should they choose to sue for damages.

  2. Organize a group of Seller’s to hire an attorney and file a class action suit agains the site’s owner, possibly with the aid of Fiverr’s legal team, and recover our loss revenue.

  3. As an individual sue the site’s owner and anyone who uses your work for the profits they gained from it’s use, or a flat settlement. You can hire an attorney or file the suit yourself. Finding the sites owner may mean obtaining a court order that requires the domain registrar to provide that name and address.

  4. Bombard the site with bad reviews and blog posts that move it deep in rank.


The site sounds illegitimate but still technically a competitor, so a link would be ill-advised. Unfortunately, some people might be interested in the link for the wrong reasons. I find copycat sites just by searching Google, so I don’t think it’s hard to find them for reporting purposes. There are a lot of them, though. I’m sure Fiverr could sue them although international law gets pretty complicated Suing across the globe requires teams of specialized lawyers and net-based schemes are far harder to go after than brick and mortar ones. (Look at sites like pirate b*y that just move around.) It’s a shame this kind of thing goes on, but it doesn’t surprise me. There is a scammer or a con artist in every crowd.


It’s not easy to file this kind of lawsuit and as fonthaunt said it probably would be an international lawsuit without any guarantee that you would win any monetary award.
Good luck finding a lawyer to do it. And good luck finding the real owner of the site.
Even with a court order there is no guarantee the owner used his real name and address when they registered the domain or even when they purchased the website hosting.
Anyone who is doing this would probably be smart enough to leave no way to trace themselves.


I agree but considering it’s a legitimate site shouldn’t that mean we should have access to the link so that we can contact said sites support to ensure our unlawfully used content/samples are taken down?
I’m pro PB.


You can always exchange the link via forum PM or just search for it. My “job” as a volunteer is the go with the forum guidelines unless staff has given permission for an exception. No one is preventing the users here from exchanging information, though, it just can’t be presented as a URL on the forum. I’m not for or against PB, but I’m pointing them out because so many wealthy companies and entertainers have tried to shut them down for years. They fail every time. It’s just an example. :slight_smile:


@fonthaunt - I mentioned the place as most of the clone sites that I found, and all of the people that stole my gigs and stuff were based in that country. And I know that it wasnt a valid reason. It is just that I am tired…

I think it would be easy to file a lawsuit as this website is registered and also it has all of the information. I did a background check. The address and CEO it is all real people and places.

Everyone interested, I can share the link with you in a PM.


I seriously doubt it would be easy nor would you get a response if they are in a different country from you.

As for which venue you would file it in, you would file it in your own venue and hope they respond. How would you compel them to come to your own country and meet you in court not to mention finding their resources and attaching them if they are in a different country assuming you won? And you would have to prove that you actually suffered monetary damages and how much they were. In some jurisdictions you cannot sue anyone without a lawyer over a certain amount and most lawyers would want you to pay them in advance.