WTF! Is Everyone Getting This?



I’ve got one of those pops again from Fiverr, which thankfully, I’ve just copied and pasted into a word document due to the following:

“By now, most of you made most, some or all the changes we discussed. If you have not made any changes to your account and Gig(s), please contact me ASAP, as your Gig(s) will disappear from our search. I am here to help you grow your business and become more successful, and I kindly ask that you work with me and be open to changes. Your ranking will remain the same and could move higher, only if you have made ALL changes - not some, part or “thinking about it”. There is a reason why I have been repeatedly asking you to make these changes.”

  • So now it is a requirement to have a gig packages. (Amongst other things). If you don’t your gigs go from Fiverr’s search.


"8. Prevent cancellations, even mutual

Why is this important?: Because a cancellation is a bad experience for buyers and results in a waste of time for the seller. As even if the buyer is fully refunded, they lost something they will never get back: their time. Also, as a seller, you will lose time and resources when cancelling an order. So we want our sellers to prevent cancellations as much as possible."


Is Fiverr now saying that sellers who cancel gigs will have gigs removed from search?

Really? Come on.

Okay, wait, apparently, I’m just getting this because I am in the Seller Success program. Still, though, this is really peeing me off. Here you see, is everything I need to do before December 12th to keep working on Fiverr:

“This means (but not limited to) that all Gigs, especially your best seller is priced accordingly (higher than the basic $5), you use triple packages (and your package titles show the type of service you offer) , your use the FAQ, have work samples, videos, your descriptions are edited for content and grammar and your profile is updated. There are no exceptions and ever single aspect of your account and Gig(s) needs to be updated.”

Sooo… Fiverr is now saying that I am not allowed to cancel gigs, not allowed to offer services at $5, and not allowed to not use packages.

AWESOME. Now, just how much acid is everyone at Fiverr putting in their coffee every morning?


Wow, that’s pathetic. I have never heard of such thing before.


Yes, and what kind of person adds all of this information to a completely unretrievable pop up which it is impossible to locate after you have closed it?


Geez and this just popped up on Fiverr?


Yes, I just found the original message which SUGGESTED that the above points are a good idea for sellers to implement. At no point until now was I aware that all of the above will be mandatory.


“If you have not made any changes to your account and Gig(s), please contact me ASAP, as your Gig(s) will disappear from our search.”

Who does this? It’s basically saying, “Hello, thanks for the hundreds in commission you pay us every month. By the way, we want more so increase your prices, work like we want you to and restructure all your gigs in the next 2 weeks or your out. Merry Christmas!”


If I use packages, it takes away the options I have that allow buyers to customize their orders!

Why wasn’t this notice sent to everyone?
I’m not sure what to do.


This is unbelievable!
So a certain number of people who were previously selected for the Seller Success program received this message. Does this mean that only those in the program need to make the changes? If so, why? If everyone should make these changes then why have only those in the program been notified? Regardless of the fact that the changes are REQUIRED for you to remain in the search results, as you so eloquently put it, WTF is going on?


I suggest that all who read this tweet the link (just click the twitter share button under the original post) to @Fiverr and ask them to explain what is happening.


Well, apparently I am in the Seller Success program and this is why I received this.

HOWEVER, I have checked all past messages and all the changes mentioned have so far been put as suggestions. Also, I can’t get my head around why my gigs would be removed from Fiverrs search results if I don’t comply. I’ve never really taken notice of the Seller Success program, as every time I have had a CS issue and contacted my rep, I’ve just been diverted to regular CS anyway.

Anyway, I’ve consistently made more money each month this year on Fiverr and I can’t understand how I can be told my gigs will be removed if I don’t increase my prices and add packages, when there are at least 2 people on Fiverr still using MY gig description!

I do have a right to reply to my rep with questions but I just found the whole tone of this quite aggressive. I’m flabbergasted actually.


It would be counterproductive to me too. Even though my impressions have been cut down I still have increasing sales revenues each year.

I think (hope) that there is some confusion in the mind of whoever wrote that.
I don’t’ see many gigs at all in my section that have packages.
I have some buyers who want to buy every extra I have and others who want only
a $5 spell. I cannot imagine how packages could work. The one gig I have switched to
packages on has gotten one small sale in the past three months.

I’ve worked hard 7 days a week building my fiverr business for four years so not sure why I would become invisible in the rankings.


When this thread goes to the 2nd page and no more answers can be seen, please post a second thread on this important subject so we can see answers and keep posting.

Customer support says it is not aware of this.

Surely they wouldn’t delete all the sellers without packages without notice?


Interesting. If this is the case I hope something more official is sent out to all sellers. I think it’s important for the whole community to be aware of any changes.


can you share the google docs file so we can go through it?


I have a blogspot blog that is my sample thing (it’s in my gigs) and I might post issues there if they start running off the page. I think my earlier response was misunderstood, but if anyone wants to read it, it’s in my listings. There isn’t anything on that one but sample work but if anyone wants to guest post that’s workable too.


I knew that the seller managers were sending out stuff, but that is a strange message. The way it’s written looks like it’s been sent to other people, so I bet it has. Probably not everyone with a success manager, though.


I changed to triple packages after reading this post.


I think that’s smart. I got a copy of the whole success manager thing so I’m writing it up.

Added: I’ve also sent messages to some staff and admins who might be able to confirm something and are aware of the forum problems. They’ve been helpful before and that’s saying something. Some are open to communication. Another update is that someone on Operations is working on the forum now, so maybe that’s a good sign.

Newest Update: This message mentioned in the OP was not intended to go out the way it did according to some long-time admins and a staffer. While the information has some validity, the ideas about packages, FAQ, etc. were intended to be strong suggestions but not as hardcore as it appears. The Success team is working together to make sure things are disseminated with improvements.


So we have to use triple package?
And what do they mean every single aspect of your gig has to be updated?
What do they mean use work samples? I don’t have samples, I cast spells.


Does this change also include also new users?


Leaked! :smiley: