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Have you had this happen to you? I contacted Fiverr support, no responce!

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“WTF” indeed! :open_mouth:

Was this?..

a) A Buyer of one of your Gigs

b) A message from a Buyer, saying he was interested in one of your Gigs

c) A message from someone you were messaging

d) An unsolicited message (from a “stranger”)


oh yeah i get messages like this all the time, people asking me for sushi.

No but srsly, thats messed up.

daym that is insane…

CS has been extremely slow. Got a response after 10 days and no help at all…

Reply to @regency85: Robert, have you not seen the attachment? A Fiverr buyer send me a porn and asked for wet pu*&^ and Bo** pictures and offered 5 gigs for it.

Reply to @mimie01: Sheriff removed the attachment because it was too wide. I could read the laughably-desperate-loser stuff the idiot wrote you… but not where he came from.

So I think you’re saying this was a pre-purchase message? He was proposing you deliver to him… ahem… unique “content”… ahem… and for $25.

You should have replied to him with:

“I have your requested content ready for delivery… and in high definition! Please make your purchase immediately… and be sure to click the $25,000 extra.”


Reply to @mimie01: OMG! Fiverr reflects modern society and no surprise there are some mentally sick people. Bad for them. Consider it as a compliment!

No one asked me for similar type of things, I’m not good looking enough :frowning: