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WTH! My inbox gone empty itself and new message are not showing up

I have a lot of messages in my inbox. Got Messages from 2-3 buyer one hours ago.
I just visited my inbox and boom! empty.
Whats going on?

Same here ! I think there are doing some maintenance/bug maybe, tired accessing inbox via my buyers tab - shows that they are doing some maintenance :slight_smile: Hope it will be fixed sooooooooon !

I am getting notification of messages on my mobile and when i go to app.
There’s nothing. same in browser

Just seen my order window is behaving odd as well ~

I’m also facing the same problem !
All we can do is wait until it gets fixed.
Really hate when things like this happen.

Yep ! I was unable to rate my client … ! the review section was not showing… but it showed up after sometime.
Bugs everywhere !

Hi , today i open my Computer and there is a Bug on Fiverr , i didnt see all the links and all the Conversation that i have with my Customers. ???

I don’t know what mods of this forum upto as well. I appreciate their quick change of category of my discussion to right one. but can’t they delete the spam chinese discussion in the ranting pot?
Moreover why everyone prefer to choose so called “Tip for sellers” is that that section is bias at the top of forum home page and get most (all) exposure of readers.
FIverr! can you please restructure this forum and include a new section “recent post” which should be at top? make a section of “your activity”, “your discussion”, your “comments”?
Let me tell you this as well this vertical layout is damn worse.
Please make a separate app for fiverr forum as well like facebook made one for messages.

I think problem is solved LOL
These time to time glitches will kill me some day :3

My inbox and all my message history has disappeared on fiverr. Checked it just now 16 Mar 2016. Anyone know what is going on??

My inbox and all my message history has disappeared and even I can’t see notification, message etc. icons on fiverr. Checked it just now 2 May 2016. Anyone know what is going on??

You need to ask this question of customer support.