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WTH? Unresponsive buyer - Penalty for me

Hello guys! Basically, on October 20 a buyer placed an order on one of my gigs. He did not provide enough details in the requirements section, so I contacted him as soon as I could and I basically requested more information. Unfortunately, the clock was ticking and he was not responding… I had like 4 hours left to deliver so I decided to open a dispute from the Resolution Center. The dispute I opened was to extend the time frame of the delivery by a day, so that I can deliver the goodies as soon as he provides everything necessary for me to do my job. The dispute said that the Buyer has 3 or 4 days to respond to it. Well, so far so good, I’m chilling and the buyer messaged me two days later. Super nice guy - he apologized for not being present and accepted the “Delivery extension” right away. Here it picks up - I opened my order page and it said - “This order is ridiculously late” Well, I panicked a bit, but I told to myself - No biggie, CS will help me deal with this. I then contacted CS, hoping that they’ll help me deal with this unfortunate event and this is what I got:

Although we understand your frustration, it appears this order was marked as late before the delivery extension was approved. Unfortunately, once an order is marked as late, it cannot be removed from your stats. Our best suggestion is to head over to the “Buyer Request” section so you can bring in more sales to your account and mitigate this order’s impact.

I cannot believe this! Why is there a resolution center then? I addressed the issue ON TIME and I got penalized for the buyers absence. CS responding to me that they cannot do anything and them stating openly that my gigs and stats will be affected and suffer because of something I had no control of, giving me advice - "You should head over to the “Buyer Request” section" to mitigate the impact." I seriously think this is wrong. Anyone else?


Unfortunately, Fiverr does not exist to correct seller mistakes. You appear to have set your delivery time to a very short period – perhaps a day (based upon what you wrote). There is no need to rush orders like that. You should have set the deadline to a few days, which would have given you plenty of time to obtain the additional order information you needed, and this entire situation could have been avoided.

You set a short delivery time, the buyer didn’t provide everything you needed/wanted, and the time ran out on your short deadline before the buyer responded with the additional information. Perhaps this is a good encouragement to allow more time in the future, and not try to rush completion. Perhaps this is a good learning experience that you can use to improve your orders in the future.


I have read your situation and in my opinion there is nothing wrong, Your delivery time is running regardless when your client will accept your request. This happened to me also and it was my fault. I should of made contact with the client and agree with him to extend the delivery time prior to order deadline.

I do not rush completion. Twenty-four hours is more than enough time to deliver what I offer and it is what lot of the folks out there are looking for. Why is there a resolution center with the option to “Extend delivery” and why is there a “Buyer has 3 days to respond” caption? When we take into account all of the services provided on the platform, the “3 days to respond” may as well pass 80% of the average delivery time on here. Do you see what I am implying? The buyer was not present and he responded on the 4th day if we count the first 24 hours as well. I have 350+ orders delivered in the 24 hour frame and my clients are more than happy. Buyer did not provide enough details. Buyer was not present. I opened the dispute in time. The buyer 3 days later accepted it and apologized for not being present. I am penalized and my hands are tied. I seriously don’t understand you not seeing the problem here.


I did contact the client. My delivery frame is 24 hours. The client got back to me after more than 72+ hours, he apologized and accepted the extension. How is it my fault?

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Then, like I said, perhaps it is wise to consider setting a longer delivery time for your gigs.

Yes, but that will hurt my gig, won’t it? A lot of the customers in my niche are looking for something on the go and I really don’t think that this solves the problem. There are a lot of sellers offering 24 hour gigs. The resolution center should be there to help us when things like this occur.

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Just because other sellers rush to complete their work in one day, does not mean you have to as well. Set a longer delivery time to avoid situations like this, and then work to still deliver in one day. Problem solved. Keep in mind too, Fiverr seems to like “early deliveries”. So, not only are you leaving room for late responders, but you also come in well ahead of the deadline. That can only benefit you as a seller. Make note of your earlier deadline goals in your gig description, and you’re good to go.


You have to understand that there are buyers that are not familiar in details how fiverr works and you have to accept that and be positive, that is OK.

Jon, this still doesn’t solve the problem. And I am not competing with other sellers. What I meant by “There are a lot of sellers offering 24 hour gigs” is that the majority of the gigs out there are 24 hour gigs. Nevermind the niche - I am not talking about competition, I am talking about the gigs that are dominating the platform. I seriously think that this is a big problem and I really can’t understand why you don’t understand it. I think that it’s a pretty objective problem considering the majority of the gigs on the platform.

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Yeah, that’s totally okay. What is not okay is that you as a seller can be penalized and that your hands are tied in a basic situation like this, which can occur daily.

I’ve offered you some helpful advice on how you might overcome this issue. It is up to you to take my advice and work with it. The Fiverr system is not at fault here. You set a 1-day delivery time, and your order went late. YOU need to take steps to avoid this. I have offered you some things to think about. The rest is up to you.

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I appreciate your advice. However, it’s not solving the problem. In Fiverr the majority of the gigs are set to “1 day delivery” so that means that the majority of the sellers can be penalized for something that they have no control over. That’s where the “Resolution center” should come in handy, but unfortunately, it doesn’t and THIS IS A PROBLEM. To me it seems like you’re just turning a blind eye to the problem. Extending the initial delivery frame of my gig doesn’t really matter - as long as “One day delivery” is an option, there will be sellers who can be penalized for something which they have no control over and I’ll repeat myself - the majority of sellers fall under the “One day delivery” category. Fiverr should know how to handle situations like this.


Then set your main delivery at 3-5 days, and offer 1-day delivery as a purchased option. Your gig will still register as having 1-day delivery, but it will also register as having a longer delivery. Complaining about something YOU can easily fix is not going to solve your problem either. I have now offered a handful of possible options… choose one, and make it work.

Fiverr clearly noted to you that they cannot – and won’t – be fixing things the way you want them to be. Fiverr is correct. They have offered you their final answer. That leaves you to work within the limitations they have set, and you can work within those limitations by enacting any of the possible solutions I have already suggested within this topic discussion.

There is nothing wrong with the Fiverr system. The problem appears to be with the delivery time YOU have chosen to set. Increase your delivery time, and/or make 1-day delivery a purchased option.

That is still not the problem. The problem is that a pretty big percentage of the sellers can be penalized for something that they have no control over. “One day delivery” is a viable option and as long as it is, sellers shouldn’t be penalized over something that they have no control over.

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If you have a problem with being penalized by the rules and boundaries Fiverr has established, Fiverr is the only source for a resolution. Until they choose to adjust things to your liking, you will have to learn how to work with what already exists, and find a way to make what exists, work for you.

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You are correct, they shouldn’t. Jon is offering a solution however. This is the problem most of us face. Until fiverr solves this situation we have to find a way to work with the system as it is. So you are correct and Jon is also correct.
You might find if you try it that it does solve the problem and is not something to shy away from after all. I have had only 24 hour delivery, but more recently changed to longer delivery times without a bad affect on sales. So it’s something to consider.


so sorry to read this. This is not at all your fault.


I think the solution OP wants is that if there is an issue and you need to use the Resolution Center in order to extend the delivery time due to whatever problem - that the clock should STOP as soon as you open a Request or Dispute on the order. I see where they are coming from, but, within the confines of Fiverr rules, I think it may be better to adjust the time you deliver to avoid this in the future. In the meantime, you may want to send an email and suggest them stopping the clock in these instances. I doubt they would implement it, as I can imagine some unscrupulous sellers using it to buy more time.



I’ve asked the CS earlier this year if they planned to do anything about this issue because it effectively renders the resolution center useless if a buyer is unresponsive.

Like stopping the clock or manually extending the delivery time for you. They said they weren’t considering doing anything about it.

You can cancel via CS if on-time delivery is the main priority. Or you can tweak your delivery time as the others have suggested. That’s it.

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