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Wts wrong?

hy guys i completed my first order with 100% satisfactory BUT who’s the next , i am waiting but theirs no sign of new order :frowning:

You need to improve your response time. it will help now i checked your response time 17 hours.

send buyer request and promote your gig

Reply to @mallika255: how cn i change it?

Reply to @grph_master2015: that just means you have to reply to the buyers in timely manner when they send you a message for enquiry. If you’re already replying them in time then don’t worry. This response time calculates the average of the month( I believe) so since you’re new, it might take a month or two to get it fixed.

Do you have a video to promote your business? Gigs with videos sell much better! And be patient …you need to collect more feedback as well, seems like buyers are looking for gigs with tons of positive feedback. Promote your business and improve your response time . Good luck with your business :slight_smile:

same problem :-/ who’s the next

Reply to @annai80:

hi annai you seller level 2 ; GOOD

I want some advice from your experience

Congrats on your first order! I’m playing the waiting game as well. Hang in there!

Spending time on the forums, advertising in the My Gigs section, responding to buyer requests, replying quickly, improving gig descriptions and titles, adding gig videos… All of these together will help! Not just one alone.

Also, I look at what other successful seller’s pages look like, and read their gigs. Are they using keywords that I am not? If so, I change my gigs.

Good luck mate!