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WYCLEF Gig not working - Help!

I’ve tried submitting my application for the Wyclef gig several times using different browsers and each time I fill out the application then click SUBMIT, nothing happens…

Not sure what’s going on, anyone else experiencing this issue? Any advice would be much appreciated


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Reach out to CS to let them know you’re having issues.

Hopefully, they get it sorted quickly because :watch: time is running out. :grimacing:

Apply until August 9th, 11:59pm EST

Thanks for the prompt response Nika…

Forgot to mention that I already submitted a ticket on my original post but I finally got my application over!

Here’s what I did for anyone else experiencing the same issue… I simply tried Opera (browser) and it worked, not sure why Chrome, FireFox, or Edge didn’t do the trick but my application is now submitted!

Good Day!

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