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"X" is not accepting messages at this time

What does it mean by in message section? “” (buyer_username) is not accepting messages at this time."

The buyer blocked me? or reported me to fiverr? Will it create impact on my profile?

Thank you for your help in advance.


Try to visit the buyer profile. If you are redirected to the Fiverr’s homepage, the yes the buyer blocked you. No this will not impact on your profile.


yes, it is redirected to the fiverr’s homepage! Thanks

It says That " That Seller Is No Longer Available"

it can also happen that fiverr blocks the buyer’s profile, by marking it as spam.


I can see the same that the user is not receiving messages at this time. But when I went to the buyer’s profile, it didn’t redirect. What does that mean?

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It means they are not accepting messages.

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Only my messages? It also says only that it’s only visible to me that the user is not accepting messages at this time.

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There is no way to tell how many people he is not taking messages from. I assume he blocked you but I’m not positive about that.

Was he a buyer of yours, or a seller you were talking to?

He is a buyer. Since it is not redirecting me on clicking his username to contact him, I think he hasn’t blocked me. I assume so.

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I have same issue.
Does it effect my profile or not?

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I think it doesn’t affect our profile. The possible reason maybe that it is only visible to us and not anybody else.

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Buyer have not even blocked me still why I am seeing this message?

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It’s possible they were banned and no longer on fiverr.

Or maybe they did a chargeback and got banned for that.


No it will not affect your profile.


I have the same problem & after 12 hours it says “You chose to archive this conversation. If you wish to send “buyerNam” a message, please unarchive the conversation first”
He is a seller, now I can start conversation?

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It’s considered rude to hijack someone else’s thread with your own questions.

If you are also a seller, and you were asking for work, you were likely blocked. If you’re a buyer, then maybe that seller has decided it’s not in their best interest to work with you.

I never try to inure about this but I just recall that I have same thread in my inbox…:smiley:
now I wonder whats that ?

Buyer contacted me and I asked some questions regarding job, then he rudely replied that he didn’t rewarded me job yet and has sent message to many other…

I gently said I was just asking because he wrote price before starting message…so he replied he will give this job to any one but not me because I answered his last message that way :smiley:

Later I wish him best luck and stop talking and now I can see his chat saying -“buyer is not accepting messages at this time”…
I can see his profile though :confused:

Then, Fiverr blocked buyers profile

Hi, I am also facing the issue right now, I was discussing about the project, and suddenly I got this message, now I cant reply to the buyer.