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Y not promoted to level 1 seller?


i have over all 27 orders in 10 days or so , still not promoted to level 1 seller , is there any problem?

also one of my customer leave me only 3 star rating which took my over all rating from 5 star to 4.7 star. Will i be eligible to get level 1 and then level 2 seller after 30 days?

also how much time is required to process my payment? after each 30 days how many days fiverr needs to approve payment and ready to recieve it?

plz let me know i am too confused.

you have to be here a month. I’ve got 70 sales in 7 days and still can’t progress until I’ve been here the required time. Just wait and you’ll get it.

The information is in the Terms of Service that you read when you signed up:

and also here:

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I have recently promoted to level 2 , yipiiiiiiiiiii…