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Y u no bye from me

This tip is brought to you by “expressing how people look like in meme form”

I have to say, the detail in this ugly portrait is masterful. I think I’ll just use it for all posts of this nature in future.

lol… how did you get that image in there like that? :smiley:

You know, you make sense only 50% of the time. This is the other 50%.

But loved you on the “I always buy from NEWy” thread…Thumbs Up!

I do hope to see this in each post which asks this eternal question.

What question? Really confused here…some of the things Emma says goes beyond me.

For just $1000/hr (a reasonable price) I will visit you, eat you out of your home and shock your relatives.

■■■■ it, I’ll give you a discount. Just show me the local cool stuff and make sure I don’t get myself killed with what I think is a funny “smart” comment. Deal?

super easy, it’s imgur. Just find an image you like, download it, then go to imgur and upload it again (I’m old school) then do the forum embed link.

I plan to do this starting next week, as apparently I have anger issues if I express myself.

Rage faces have fallen out of fashion, but who cares.

That thread is a car crash.

Why should I make sense 100% of the time if life can’t be arsed 25% of the time?

I like it. It’s kind of huge, but very nice. Do you have permission to use this? :wink:

I know people.

I understood this one, I think. I think she makes sense about 80% of the time and says appropriate things about 60% of the time. If I were say that I enjoy most of it including the nonsense and the light rage, but of course I “wouldn’t” say that.

Anyway, I think this post was a mimic of the people who rant on the forum that no one buys from them even though they are “great grafic dessigners with a doktor degree in the united state.”

I thought you were fantastic in that movie last week. You know, the funny one where you didn’t look anything like your profile pic.

That’s the magic of Hollywood!

RageFaces still in vogue! (Custom artwork for @emmaki)
OK, it’s not as good as the one you found, but it IS a rageface.

okay, I got it now…