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Ya Gotta Laugh (Pie chart from hell)


Fiverr Blog has a story on which colors are best to use to market to each gender. I love whoever did the graph:

Spoiler alert, Blue wins men and women.



So if blue is green, and red is yellow, what color does it make when you mix green and yellow?


Someone must be color blind.


Sky blue is the new black. 42 is the new 51.
A fashionista with a passion for Douglas Adams.




Memo to Marketing dept:


Only one staff member, the one who made it, must have looked at that to publish it that way. Maybe their monitor was broken.


Looks like I need a new monitor or someone is color blind. I’ll stick with the latter


Good one, Mike! :grin:

I want this kinda pie tho. :yum:


Purple? Like an :eggplant: :no_mouth:


Now that’s a lovely looking pie.
I’ll join you! :heart_eyes::plate_with_cutlery:


I remember painting a color wheel like that back in college when I was taking
color theory class…


Sure! Go for it, here ya go :pie: :plate_with_cutlery: cool whip and whipped cream, too.

ENJOY! :yum:


It’s so hard to concentrate on the actual colors when they are all misplaced.

Reminds me of this… (Mind you it’s a fairly long video but…)