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Yaaaaayyyyy I'm a Level Two


Level Two just popped up and I’m so so excited. I had no idea I was even close to getting to the next level as I’ve just been cranking out my gigs as they come. Today I was already happy as I received a few gigs, with extras :wink: and now to Level Two… watch out fiverr LOL.

Thanks so much to this site and the forum with everyone’s insight and advice. I am learning and finding out so much new stuff. Much success to everyone out here.

Whoooooo hoooooooo


Hooray!!! Congrats!


Reply to @kiffinyjean: Thank you…


Nice !


Reply to @ozzieuk: Thank you, I’m very happy.


<):slight_smile: Hooozaaay!!


I’m still cheesing :smiley:


Reply to @arnevb: Thank you, it’s inspiring.


I became a level 2 and now I’m not getting any buyers. How long before I get dropped back to a level 1? :frowning:


congrats!!! :slight_smile: your sales will pick up, maybe just give it some time.


What are the requirements to become level 1 and 2?






Congratulations!! It is such a great feeling to be bumped up!! Way to go!!


I tell ya, my sales have truly dropped since I became a level two :frowning: That’s seems kinda backwards to me but…

I’m adding more and more gigs, trying new things and nada.

Here’s my latest one, Sexy Ladies so this might be a hit. I hope they’ve approved the video.


Hope you get your sales back. What additional tools did you got as level 2?


Reply to @fiv808: Thanks, me too. From what I’ve noticed it’s higher money for extras, ability to offer the super fast gigs and they say faster customer support.


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congratulation sir,

renu sharma


Good for you, newopp

enjoy and as you probbly have lots of work by now, don’t forget to have fun!

happy gigging :slight_smile: