Yaay, I made my first sale + 5 review + tips


Just when i decided to read on getting more sales on this forum, I came across submitting ‘buyer requests’, and as my luck would have it my first buyer request offer got me my first job on fiverr.
His words have made me stronger for my general experience here, and he’s so appreciative.
The journey had just begun :muscle:


tell me, how did u get your first buyer request cos im new here, what do i do?
CONGRATULATIONS on your first job


Congrats! Keep up the good work!


Make sure your gig stands out! Find the best tags that relate to your service and create and enticing and relevant title. Also go through buyer requests and start sending responses. Be patient, customers will come if you work hard and keep trying. Once you get your first order go above and beyond so other buyers will see your review and want to buy from you! Best of luck!


@hannahjones3352 follow this link, Buyer offers in buyer requests section?