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Yahhooo... I got Level one badge today

Today i got level one badge:heart_eyes:
I m so happy today!
Pray for me so that i can get level two on next month.



Congratulation for your achievement :boom:


Hay congrats and best of luck for level two. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you very much :relaxed:

Hello. Thank you :heart_eyes:

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You don’t need prayers. You need your own self-action to achieve success. Speaking as a Christian myself, and referring to the only God I know, God does not provide success (while you sit back and do nothing), he merely provides the opportunities through which YOU chose to pursue success. You can choose to accept his opportunities, or you can choose to ignor them. In the end, you still have to do the work to achieve your goals. God does not achieve your work goals for you.

Prayer cannot make you successful. You still have to take the actions to do that on your own.


Congratulations…keep it up

Congrats! I’m sure you’re thrilled to move up the ladder. :pineapple:

Did you make dua?

Take confidence on God, smart working then the god will helps you.
On business play infinite game :wink:

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Exactly. You’re right. Thanks for your suggestions.

congrats ibrahim vai

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Its sounds good and I think you have done a good job and best of luck for your next level. I hope success is knocking on your door.

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Congratulations @ibrahimhswp

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Thank you very much.

Yes. Thanks for your valuable reply.

Thanks brother. Pray for me.

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Welcome to fiverr congrats

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Congrats for your level one badge

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Thank you so much brother.

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