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yahoo..I have completed my first order


COMPLETED IN 3 DAYS”. this sentence is shown on top of my order. what is that mean? i am new in fiver. plz help me…


If the buyer doesn’t accept, the system will automatically mark it as complete in 3 days, so that you can get paid.


After 3 days will i get paid?


Hey there!
You’ll want to read the Terms of Service:

The Fiverr Academy:

Your questions should be answered.

After three days the money will be put in escrow where you can take them out after 14 days


ok,thank you…


Yeah, It’s Automatic Completed Your Order, If Your Buyer Did’t Accept Your Order then #Fiverr Transfer money in Your Account after 3 days But Buyer Can Rate Your Feedback.
Be Honest and Provide Quality Work On the Time, Thank You