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Yahoooo ....! 2nd order completed

Thank God … my 2nd order just marked as completed … thanks Fiverr for buyer request option, I will never be missed my daily 10 requests…


Many congratulations long way to go. Keep it up :slight_smile:

So many congratulations for your 2nd order complete

Congratulations, I hope many more will come!

Yes that’s great to here.

same with me…

Congratulations that’s great

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You are replying 3 years later! Maybe you didn’t notice.

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Actually, I seen the image and wanna to say something. My emotion says pls say something. Don’t take it serious pls.

My reply was to someone else who deleted their post.

The moderators don’t like to see old topics resurrected.

That’s true. But, when something appears something beautiful everyone want to say something or congratulate. Ok, I have learn something from you. thanks.