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Yahoooo :) i reached 500 review today


so finally after 1 and half year i reached 500 review today .no doubt fiver is a great platform for all new as skilled person i find fiver through a FB ad i create account and start working as a hobby seriously i am not working anywhere as a frelancer but i really like fiver with such a great opportunity . i suggest new buyers offer something different from other not try to copy paste other gig :slight_smile:


Congratzz :slight_smile: keep it up!!
Btw how much time it takes you to 500 reviews?


congratulations!!:ok_hand::v: Wish you all the best and good luck


Congratulations… Keep it up…


Where’s the party?!!!


Thanks 1 and half year :slight_smile:


Thank you so much :slight_smile:


Thanks alotfor best wishes … :slight_smile:


What a nice feeling, uh? Keep it like this girl! Being positive and enjoying what you do is the key to success! Now go for the next 500!


Congratulations on reaching this milestone. Keep up the good work! :tada:


That’s awesome :slight_smile: Congratulations, Dearie!

:bulb: All the best!


Thank you so much :slight_smile:


Congratulation on your outstanding success :slight_smile:.


I just completed my two first gigs over the weekend (I ghostwrite) and I haven’t heard back from the clients yet. I’m super excited to hear they liked that I wrote! But then suddenly become incredibly nervous that they hated and are trying to think up of a way to tell me it’s awful without “hurting my feelings.” :frowning:


@bia4online Congratulations and all the best :slight_smile:


Keep up :sparkles:


Thank you so much :slight_smile:


hi… congratulation keep it up … a little bit hard work you can get best result :slight_smile:


:grinning: @bia4online


+1 from me. Don’t mention it :slight_smile: