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Yay for New Buyer Requirements

I LOVE this idea…

What kinds of requirements do you think you’ll add to your Gig?

It’s all about meeting the buyer’s expectations … I do voice overs – and so many people send me a script - and then UPDATE the script and I have to do it again, many times without extra pay… but thanks to the new modifications - it takes care of that! But I would definitely require them to hand over a finished script …

and probably ask them to tell me what their expectations are / how the final voice over should sound.

How will you use it?

I saw it too, not much I would add only that the buyer will need to update the order page with information for the order to be completed, because some buyers will just order and no information is submitted. All the best.

One other option I would like to see, is a select one option from a list. We use this for sets for our videos and it would be cool to have a list of choices where the user could select the one wanted.

Yesss, this is good feature. Maybe overdue feature, but you can still add options such as a Requirement to include a “sample or reference material” etc.