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Yay! I received my first revenue clearance!

Totally silly post, but I was happy to see the funds from my very first sale clear. I have been selling for a month now and made my first sale 2 weeks ago. Things have been really good since then (I guess I just needed that first review). It seemed like forever, but then again I get paid bi-weekly at my full time job so I guess its all the same. Its just that in the beginning you are working and $0 have cleared, whereas once you are established you are constantly working on orders and money is constantly clearing.

k, my silly observation is over :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats. and yes pulling money every two weeks is honestly the best way IMO. Then as you stated it becomes biweekly when you need it.

@ ardicus- thanks, I’m a whole $8 richer- well that is until paypal gets their share LOL!

I plan on pulling my earnings monthly and investing it. I obviously only have a track record of 2 weeks, but so far Fiverr has proven to be a great option for supplementary income. Its great that I can play around with stocks and not have to touch my normal salary.

Congrats!I know hot it feels like for you. I am awaiting my second clearance too. I thank all my buyers!!! :-h