YAY! It's a Snow Day


When you work in a school - like I do - you look forward to these snow days. For me, I look forward to them even more because it means an extra day of working on Fiverr stuff all day. Today, I plan on tackling several orders coming due in the next week. I won’t get everything I want done, but I’ll get at least three of them out of the way.

That’s my goal!

On top of that, we’re off Monday too for MLK Day. That’s another full day of Fiverr work. Maybe I can get several orders out of the way during this 4-day weekend.



It’s an ill wind (or blizzard) that blows nobody any good! Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:


Woot! :tada:

Sounds like you wouldn’t have time to build a snowman :snowman: or woman. :smiley:

:snowflake: Savor It! :snowflake:


I love snow too! Have fun!


It snowed in the south (US) blizzard style just last week. It wasn’t a big deal as we expected the usual one day snow followed by a day of melting but that didn’t occur. One moment we’re getting pelted with ice and then later snow.

Of we go out to take pictures and stuff but soon we realized that the snow wouldn’t stop coming and before we knew it inches had fallen to the point of blocking our door. What really got me were the employers insisting that it was okay to come in when it wasn’t. It was fun as my nephew got to throw snowballs, my pom got to relive his sled dog days and I got to take some awesome pictures.

Rock on with the get **** done snow plow train. :tada::confetti_ball::tada:


plz!! gimme some snow!! send it through MRW or so haha!
In my city it is very hot ! :fire::sunny::thermometer::fallen_leaf::venezuela:
city: Puerto la Cruz of course :palm_tree::palm_tree::palm_tree: ! :venezuela:


In spite of 2 storms in the last 2 weeks, we have not had enough snow to close the schools. However, they were closed for 2 days last fall due to a cyber attack by a group that threatened harm to the students and staff if a ransom was not paid for the files of the schools that the “Cyber Bullys” had stolen.

@emeraldawnn enjoy your time off. I know I loved those unexpected vacations when I taught!