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Yay! Leval one in a month!


Hi all, I have received leval one! I will share my tips with you and would appreciate some from yo as well :slight_smile:

Here goes:

First, “OD” as they say here or over deliver. Unless I am working, I try to get the order done same or next day, even if extra wasn’t paid. One man wanted a blog post and during initial communication I noticed a typo on his blog, he sure was happy I noticed!

second-tip jar!

Third, once leval one use the extras. I had added a virtual assistant gig and have two orders placed, both sying that they are needing more work done. One woman purchased three gigs for one job! Its gonna be boring-copy/paste address from business directory but easy(knock on wood)

Fourth-communicate and do it well. I learned in hs and college how to write letters and business corrospondance, if you don’t know how I would sugest learning. This makes you look professional and in the know. Spelling counts! If English is not your primary language, let them know! Most people understand

Have a good day and especially looking for free, legit ways to promote my gigs thanks!


good for you! any tips?



Good job… I just got level one recently too… :slight_smile: