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Yay! Level 2: check. =D


It took me about 7 months, but the thing here has been the last month. I don’t know what Fiverr did to my gigs, but I’ve had a massive amount of exposure (compared to previous months). And here it is! Beautiful indeed :heart_eyes:

I have a rather small market window (people seeking castilian spanish and catalan voice overs), so I’m extremely happy to jump into the Level 2 bandwagon. We’re only around 20 Level 2 sellers delivering this.

However, there’s only 1 TRS that delivers Castilian Spanish voice overs, so… fingers crossed, head down, and hard work! :grinning:


What is the requirements to achieve the 2nd level status?


It’s pretty detailed over @

But, long story short:


I know about this thing man, but you have 28 reviews right now. What about 22 other buyers. You need 22 more buyers to get to the 50 mark. Did you already get 22 more buyers and you didn’t get reviews from them or what?


Congratulations and good luck :champagne:


Pretty much that. It’s worth noting I never ask clients to leave a review, ever.


I took 6months to get in lvl 2 :wink: And my sells increased after lvl up. Congratulation to you :wink: keep rocking \m/


Accept my heartiest congratulations! :gift:


Hi there,
I just got promoted to Level 2! It feels great to be promoted after so much of hard work. :slight_smile:



Keep Moving Forward!


@torrelles congrats boy
keep rocking :v: :thumbsup: :heart_eyes:


Thanks! I shall.

Totally! :smiley:


Awesome. Wish you luck!