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Yayyy Black Friday on Fiverr


Saw this on the front page of Fiverr :yum:09 PM


Is my Windows calendar buggy? It tells me it´s Thursday, November 23.


Yeah I just noticed that lol. I thought Black Friday was tomorrow :thinking:


Greetings from the man from the future :v: it’s 24 Nov :spiral_calendar: here


The offer is expiring before Black Friday. I think it will mean Night of thursday


Greetings, Captain Future! So tell us, can you still get the Black Friday deal on Friday, November 24, or not?


I don’t see any offer yet :smiley: btw I’m received mail like this ($5 free on $20 shopping) many times :smiley:
Every day is Black Friday On Fiverr ~Eoin


Yet or anymore, that is the question. But you are, respectively Eoin is, right, either way. :wink:


It might be Thanksgiving, but the forum is getting ready for the next holiday.

Hidden Messages:

Where are the “Are your orders slow this Thanksgiving” and the “Are your orders slow this Black Friday” threads?


Wait until they finished their turkey :slight_smile:


Offer enda at 23 November
Still black friday
I also think its not black friday offer