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Yayyy, can finally see negative feedbacks from sellers

Yayyy, can finally see negative feedbacks from sellers…without having to dig through many pages. I hope this helps to deter buyers from those shady sellers that are able to bury their justified bad feedbacks and to cut into their profits and get the buyers to go to the worthwhile and hard-working sellers! If you don’t know what I am talking about, just stop by anyone’s feedback now(I hope this isn’t a temporary thing) and click on “negative reviews” if they have at least one.

This may be the end of the fake likes and other joke gigs “parade”. hopeful

I’ve seen that feature since V2 arrived. This is nothing new.

@s_sayan ??? First I am seeing of it and I have been here a long time. Maybe I over-looked it or am getting it confused with something else. Using Wayback Machine indicates that the feature didn’t even exist in mid November of last year for numerous pages. Pretty sure V2 has been out longer than that? You might be right, but as far as I was aware, it’s news to me. Especially since not too long ago I was manually sifting through feedbacks when considering a few sellers for some misc. services and wanted to see the negative feedback but it wouldn’t allow me to do what it allows me now…so maybe not all profiles had it fully implemented until around now?

Jeje, I’ve been checking other sellers and their feedbacks for ages. Yes, everyday I use that feature since V2 kicked in. Maybe it wasn’t visible to you. It’s possible.

@kjblynx no no, it’s just on sellers pages.

@s_sayan Honestly I have no idea. On a side note I would be interested in inquiring in regards to your high volumes of sales(aka any tips you might have) if you don’t mind me asking in PM? I guess it was just me. I have had a LOT of technical difficulties with my profile(over 20+ bugs) mostly from old issues that were seemingly buried and claimed as fixed so that could be it. Ironically Fiverr CS of which told me were “my fault” like my country displaying as “translation missing” or something along those lines.

I am sure if a mod comes by they can close this thread or pause it then. As far as I was aware it was new to me

We are talking about this, right?

@s_sayan Yeah, that’s right.