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Yayyyy! I just became Level 1


I woke up this morning to a notification on my fiverr page saying that I had become level 1. I’m so happy right now and I only joined fiverr a month ago. It’s been great. Roll on Level 2 :slight_smile:


me too just a week ago I hope that this will continue, what if I got a bad remarks.


Reply to @gilskiebrazil: Same here, I hope to get to level 2 one day.



Do 50 orders and you will be prompted to Level 2 very soon.

I m doing youtube likes and if you need my service contact me.


Reply to @rover10: Thanks, I’m on 25 now so I’m half way there then.


congratz !


Congratulations @gilskiebrazil!

Won’t be long and you’ll be Level 2!

Keep up the good work!


Reply to @arnevb: Thanks :slight_smile:


Reply to @solidslick: Thank you :slight_smile:


Reply to @iluvatoq: Thanks


Thats great! Congrats. On your way to level 2 now!!

I’m almost level 1, fingers crossed


Reply to @gilskiebrazil: just keep putting in your best efforts. Communication with the buyer is also very important. Most problems can be resolved through that :slight_smile:


Reply to @psychicrainbow: Thanks, I hope you get to level 1 soon, It’s a great feeling.


Awesome Job! Now head for level 2 !


Reply to @ozzieuk: Thanks





All the best bhaai…