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Year 2018: Let's Review it!


Hello guys,
Hope you have done a lot of awesome work during 2018. Perhaps, this was the most dynamic year for Fiverr as we all witnessed a lot of changes/improvements in Fiverr system. Among all others, I love the latest feedback system! :star_struck:

What is your most favorite update of this year? and which one you hate the most?

Thank you :slight_smile:


At first, I did not like it. However, now that we can review the buyer twice, I think I am in love with it too! :heart_eyes:

Just yesterday I had a buyer insult me and my work. :roll_eyes:He went as far as accusing me of not living where I do and stating I must be from an island nation in the Pacific ocean. Then he asked me if I wanted to cancel or get an “it won’t be good” rating. I answered that I would take the rating. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

He pressed the cancel/dispute button five times, and so did I. I sent a letter to CS concerning the threat and I am waiting on their answer. :thinking:


Am so sorry for that bad experience. I’m pretty sure you have what it takes to overcome it soon enough .
I think maybe the buyer just wanted to get a free job done.




Wish you best of luck. Usually, the CS cancels order if a buyer doesn’t approve the work. Let’s see what happens in your case.


That is why my note to CS only mentioned his insults and threat.


I love the interface update but I hate the fact buyers are charge $2 and are charge for giving tips.
The worst is the Blind Review.


Ohh I didn’t know that. How much are they charged for adding a tip? Is there a fix amount or depends upon the Tip?


I have not had one tip since the $2 fee on tips went into effect.


Sorry to hear that…


I’m so happy when I see people refusing to cancel these bogus threatening buyer’s orders. You go girl! :+1:

I always send screenshots of what the buyer said and how I responded.


My 2018 is walking to be 10% lower than 2017, but it was a good year, except for the changes on fiverr algorithm, which now values more the inexperienced and amateur gigs than the veterans (who worked hard many years). But it’s fiverr decision.

If I could suggest something for 2019: Fiverr should value more the veterans and actual best sellers, and let amateur and new gigs to prove they are good and competent, like the veterans had to do in the past. “Given” placements just kill meritocracy for those who are really good.

Anyway, I hope that 2019 be better for everyone at fiverr


I was excited (a little) about the testing thing till I saw it didn’t really test skill but knowledge of certain things. I wouldn’t mind seeing an office hours feature along with the long requested accept/decline order buttons.


There were some challenges this year but overall I overcame them and was successful with a lot of work. I’ve seen a lot of my old competitors disappear this year. I’ve also seen thousands of new ones come along.

I like being able to see someone’s local time, and basic profile info in my message inbox the best of all.


First-half of 2018 was ok. It seemed like I was on-track with some small growth.
2nd-half. Business practically died. Worst 6 months since I joined in 2013. :frowning:


It was a horrible year, and I’m glad it’s almost over.

Favorite part? Learning customer service.
Hate the most? Getting demoted from TRS.

As for the feedback system, what is there to love? Giving 5 stars to people that gave you 1 star? Sure, now we’re allowed to reply the review, but so what? We can’t change the rating we have, we can only change the response.


Something good for someone something not, but we are updated, it’s actually crucial for everyone.


Do you think they stopped working here or got banned?


How would you defend this point? I can see that Fiverr still ranks the gigs which perform well. It doesn’t matter if you are a veteran or a beginner, your gig ranking mainly depends upon your performance. The better you do, the better your gigs are ranked. Isn’t it?


Can you share please what you have learned about CS?

You are not forced to give 5 star to every buyer you work with. Give them the stars they deserve with the actual story behind it and people will do see your feedback on the buyer’s profile. This had never been like that but now it’s there. So this makes the rating “fair rating” system. After reviewing the buyer, you can respond to the feedback you received. That’s why, I love it! :slight_smile: