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Year One on Fiverr was AMAZING, Year Two....not so much

Hello, everyone!

My name is Andrew and I have been a Voice Over Seller here on Fiverr for just over a year and a half. When I first heard of Fiverr, my initial reaction was (i’m sure similar to a lot of you) there is no way I can make a profit for only $5! Well, once I learned the system and the power up up-selling I knew that Fiverr could be a great revenue addition.

I’ll keep this as brief and to the point as I can. During my first year on Fiverr, I was receiving 10-15 orders a day and life was gooooooood. This trend kept going for about 8 months, when, there was a medical emergency that pop-up and I had to drop everything. Sadly, I was unable to pause my gig/ go on vacation mode and because of that, I had a big string of 45ish orders that got canceled due to my inactivity (all one-stars).

My perfect 5-star rated gig dropped down to 4.3 and that’s when the orders dried up. It’s taken me many months to bring my gig up to a 4.8 rating. I have changed my prices, given away free extras to first time buyers, and went above and beyond to do everything I could to try and get back to a 5.0 rating.

So now here I sit, getting maybe 1-2 orders every two weeks and I am at a loss. I have no idea how to improve my gig to try and get back to where I was when I first started. I would love some feedback on my gig as I don’t know where I am going wrong.

Side note When I first started here on Fiverr, my recording quality was passable but from the funds gained from my gig, I now have a top of the line studio and recording equipment AND still, can’t seem to gain any traction.

** EDIT** - The question might be, should I still use this gig or phase this one out in place of a new one where I have a better chance at being rated at 5.0


I’d create more gigs and maybe expand into the animated video and videography market. At the moment, you are targeted generally at anyone who wants a voice over. Target yourself at specific voice over for whiteboard, explainer, facebook ad, youtube ad, and other video markets.

I could easily double my video sales if I also offered voice overs but I’m a chain smoker whose voice is only good for bad karaoke.

Getting into video doesn’t have to be difficult. Download free programs like Cinelerra and experiment with putting free sock videography together with your own text and transition effects. Alternatively, get a 30-day recurring subscription to adobe after effects and grab some cheap videohive templates to customize and sell (just do it the legal way and pay for the right licenses).

Just start thinking outside of the box.


You only have one gig right? I think you should make another, research what other top-selling gigs in your niche are offering and create gigs that highlight your skills. Also, promotion will help, try social media marketing for you gig.

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Thank you for the response!

I’ve thought about reaching out to other services but for now, I am going to stick with what I’m best at…Voice Overs. I do like your idea of thinking outside of the box though!

Thank you,


That’s a great idea! My only issue that has prevented me from creating more “targeted” gigs is my main gain has been favorited 1160 times and I don’t want to lose that “traffic”.

But…creating more gigs won’t hurt that so I might as well try it!

Thank you!


You wont lose your traffic, as a matter of fact, it should help, as that new gig will be on the search in a different position. If you look at my gigs, you will see that my bestseller has quite a few favorites but that doesn’t stop me from going through hard times and when that happens I create new gigs and promote.

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Thank you for that insight!

I took a look at the gigs you offer and noticed (and I could be wrong because I am not versed in SEO) that most of them are the same except a few minor differences? Is that because the more gigs you have in the search, the higher chance of landing a buyer?


Yes, that works in my case.

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Hi Andrew

I think you need to stick with “one thing” what you are best!

But think like that way just like Apple did!

Apple made a PC which is computer technology but later they made MAC
and then iPhone all our computer technology buy the difference is the target audience.

with MAC you can do everything that you can do with iPhone but the difference is mobile,
you can’t move MAC with you but you can do that with iPhone,

so make gigs related to your passion/skills but narrow down in sub-branches.

radio add voice over
Movie trailer voice over
Game trailer voice over

give them an idea where they can use voice overs


use 80/20 rule

if you see that my gig giving me 80% results then only focus (100%) on that gig