Yes, Customer Support is being slow!


I’m hoping to save everyone a little time. :slight_smile:

No, it’s not just you.

According to greyhound12, CS has been “experiencing a high volume of service requests” since March 8. They also state they are working 24/7 to get to everyone.

Try to be patient, and as a suggestion, if your issue isn’t legitimately urgent, don’t contact them. Give them a chance to get caught up.

[edit] I should also point out that sometime the actual reply emails from CS aren’t always coming through, but when the email for ‘support feedback’ arrives it will have the supposed initial reply in the body of the email. So be sure to thoroughly read all of each email from Fiverr.


Useful info, Thank you! :slight_smile:


Yes slow and the website has too many bugs this week.

Hope they can solve those issues very soon.

I have some thing to tell to CS but I will wait till they can caught up.


Reply to @integermaxvalue: You’re very welcome!


Reply to @armer: I’m hoping it gets sorted soon. I too have another question for them that I put on hold. :slight_smile:


yes.same problem


Well, thank you for the information! I thought it’s only with me! I sent my message 3 days ago and still no reply! I just continue waiting! :slight_smile:


Reply to @xfacebookusax: You’re very welcome. I hope they get back on track soon.