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Yes I'm rocking it and I hope you do too... BUT I'm sorry I can't help you


I posted a while back about how I am loving Fiverr and I have gotten off to such an awesome start.… this post was meant to just say thanks and also to provide inspiration and let other new sellers know that they can too find success here at Fiverr.

I am not an expert seller here, I’ve literally been a seller here for less than 2 months, yet so many people have now asked me for help.

I feel awful when I say this but I just cannot help other people improve their gigs or help them to make sales. I’ve been inboxed here in the forum a few times and on Fiverr itself… and the original forum post is full of requests for help.

The thing is that I am not that experienced here and truth be told I don’t even have enough time in my day to run my own business so I just can’t offer help to people. I am a mom that works from home while my kids are in playschool in the morning for 4 hours Monday to Friday - not exactly much time to run 3 blogs is it? When I say I just don’t have 5 minutes to have a look at your profile… I’m sorry but I mean it.

So what have I done that found me success?

All I have done is offer gigs that I know I can give great value. I spent some time checking out how successful sellers here have set up their gigs, then I set mine up in a professional way that offers a unique edge.

I share my gigs on social media and on my blogs too.

When I started receiving orders and enquiries I have made sure to respond fast, to complete my orders fast and professionally. I strive to offer the best possible service I can and to ensure that communication is top notch.

That’s it really. If you are struggling to make sales I think the best process to follow is to post for help from members in the Improve My Gig section or to check out the FIverr Academy.

I hope you all find great success here just like I have!



the title of this thread would work nice with a hip hop beat–
yes i’m rocking it and i hopeyoudotoo
but-i’m-sor-ry, i can’t. help. you.


Some people take forum posts as an invitation to inbox you and ask you for advice, or to buy their gig, or whatever. Just flag/report them, and ignore their forum posts (unless, of course, you find a post that’s actually worth responding to, not just the generic “help me mek sells”).


Well-said, Lynne! Congrats on all your success so far! :slight_smile:


Congrats and best of luck for your future endeavour.!!


Thanks @catwriter well I feel awful flagging people when they ask for help. It feels wrong to me. I did get some advice in another thread on how to deal with it. I have a standard quick response now for those messages which helps me to deal with those situations better and faster.


Yeah, I can confirm this. I offered her free assistance and she is too busy to even take help, leave alone giving help. :joy:

I certify under penalty of perjury that this is one legit busy mom.


…I got a late delivery, now you do too
…I got a chargeback, now you do too
…I am a pupper, the sofa has doo-doo!

…over to you.


OMG @silkroute you are so funny!

Yes I will be accepting your help, but will place an order for it when I am ready. I do need those things fixed!

At least my kids went back to playschool on Tuesday! It has been such a rough “holiday” period.


I wasn’t meaning to make a song and dance out of it @leahemme but you are so right, it does sound catchy LOL. You must be a creative seller?


Congrats and best of luck!!


Lol. It sounds a lot like The Chainsmoker’s - Closer song. :joy: