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Yes thank god, i made it as a level one seller!


Hello There I started FIVERR in June 2015 and today I made it to a Level One Seller…It was tough at first since I wasn’t receiving any buyers and it was like my 3rd week using fiverr and I needed money inorder to pay for my classes. i was not getting sales and I so wasn’t getting help as to how to make my gig more attracted and it is my first time ever working online so i was new to all the site, gigs creating, understanding fiverr, etc and so i prayed just for guidance and ask that the good lord send me a buyer atleast to purchase my gig, I’ve read persons experience on fiverr as to how make your gigs better, etc but still was a bit confused, the next day i woke up and i check my fiverr i receive an inbox msg just saying ‘Hi’ from a user Nytrogen1 whom I thought was a buyer but when i said, ‘hello am judy how can i be of service to you?’ He replied by telling me all that was wrong with my gigs i was surprise and happy and he guided me from their. the next day i receive my first 3 orders not one but 3…i thanked him so much and thank god for sending him…My weak point in my gig that he pointed out to me was that i was too stuck up in my gigs and straight forward i wasn’t sounding friendly neither and i wasn’t stating as to how many gigs i would be giving, neither was i leaving an opening for buyers to share their views or if they have other request and so i change most of my wordings in my gigs and i used alot of synonyms to make my sentence short & explicit.

My advice to new comers on fiverr is to ensure you create your gigs in a brief paragraph, be as friendly as possible, let your buyers know how many gigs you’re giving to them for $5. …be as phenomenal as you can be, be honest with your buyers just to avoid bad reviews always give your buyers a bonus…do not state your bonus in your gigs but when they order you deliver the orders with the bonus…whether it be early delivery, extra images, an additional 30sec on a video, etc. Just do it…If you need help in understanding how to create your GIGs please feel free to contact me and I will Gladly help You.


aww thank you that means a lot to me ^.^ im glad i could help, im also happy you made it great job


Congratulations! I really wish you all the best in Fiverr as you grow your gigs, and sell your products. Keep checking the forums for tips on how to become a Level 2 in no time (I did in 1 month :slight_smile: ). Continue to work hard, and good luck to you!



Thank you nytrogen1 and thank you speedy876 i’ll definitely keep checking thanks guys


thanks emjayye :slight_smile:




frozen was a dreadful film. Let it go indeed :smiley:


Congrats. Good work.


Congrats keep it up :slight_smile:


Hi :slight_smile:
you are great and your gigs are lovely! All the best! To Level 2 soon I guess :slight_smile:

Please allow me to make a suggestion. I see that you have the same tags in your different gigs. In order that your gigs are found in search by potential customers, you need to use the specific tags that describe each gig :slight_smile:

And please allow me a very friendly advise. According to international internet safety guidelines, if I were you, I would not use a baby for gigs. You never know where these pictures will end and one day this baby will be an adult young lady who was not asked if she would like to be exposed to the public. I have already mentioned that to other women on Fiverr who are posting their babies and children’s photos on the web. But of course, it your choise what to do and you know better :slight_smile:

Again, congratulations, you are amazing!


Congrats…I will get there soon. Watch out


congrats my friend! :slight_smile:


Congrats. My best wished you and your continued success here on Fiverr.




Congratulations!!!..I just reached Level 1 seller status also after 3 months of selling on Fiverr last night. I was so excited I was jumping up and down on my couch it’s hard work to make it there but I did it. Now I am working towards Level 2 which will probably take much longer but that is alright I know with patience I will make it there. I will also take your advice and look at my gigs and try changing my wording around and who knows the orders might start piling in. :-*


Reply to @judy_love: good job! congrats


Reply to @sweetfeast: Hello there!

I noticed you only have 1 gig, more gigs provide more variety.
Better gig images is always a must.

Good luck!


Reply to @sweetfeast: I hope my advice works for you…keep me posted


Reply to @sweetfeast: Damn girl! I think you like Frozen! :smiley:


Reply to @happyspace: Thank you so much, i will follow your advice any more advice i will happily accept them, thank you for bringing this to my attention i’ll work on it immediately.