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Yes! Yes! I become a Label 1 seller just now. Hurrah!


Hello, My friends.

I get Label 1 status for working in 25 Sep - 6 Oct. But I start work at Fiverr in 1 September. After 25 days I got my first order. I get many helpful idea in this forum. Thanks everyone from me who are writing here.


Congratulations. I had the same feelings, keep continue to work hard.


Awesome, congratulations :slight_smile:


ya bro i m still now waiting for my first order


I have same feelings too because I’ve just got level 2 status today. Congratulations! and keep up the great work.


Great job. Keep up the hard work. I know the feeling. I just got mine about a week or so ago. I actually love doing what I do so its cool… Dennis


Congratulation, Keep your hard work up


I’m not sure this is the correct thread to post this on, but I don’t see a better one. If I understand correctly, people I already know can’t come buy my services on Fiverr and leave me a good review, that it will look like I’m trying to rig the system because I know them offline. I find it confusing since Fiverr encourages us to promote our gigs on social media. Does anyone here know what, exactly, the rule is regarding this issue. I have a couple of friends for whom I already do the odd project for and I wanted to ask them to hire me through Fiverr, but haven’t done so to avoid breaking a rule. Thanks for any help.


congratulation and good luck in future


Congratulations! I also joined fiverr in september




Congrats :slight_smile:


Nice, keep it up


Congrats! Keep rolling


Reply to @monsterseo1: Don’t be disappointed bro. keep try and wait. It’s too near.


Reply to @mariarajput786: Thanks a lot. Yes I always try to keep hard work and give my best to buyer. And would you tell why my label badge not showing in forum profile.


Reply to @hearts547: Thank you. Yes, you’re right. I think it’s universal truth that “I do something what I love.”


Reply to @jamshed_khan: Thanks and I always try to do my best in here. I want to be a top rated seller of Fiverr.


Reply to @mstayler: surely doing work that would already be private you’re better off doing privately, to avoid Fiverr’s 20% cut? it seems nonsensical that you’d process it through Fiverr when you could get paid in full, directly.

they can come and buy your gigs though. of course they can. AND leave a good review. as long as you’re actually providing them with a service etc. I see absolutely no issue with it

ps: congrats to OP


Reply to @logo_desing: Thanks my bro.