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Yesterday a buyer placed order and his last seen is 47 year ago


Hi Guys,
Yesterday in my night time someone placed order and now fiverr is showing his last seen 47 year ago he didn’t provided any information but may have chance that he will provide information in coming few years lol. Possibly timestamp bug there. but in latest updates i notified other things as well like sometime we don’t get notified when someone place order also the mobile application is laggy we receive notification first in browser and after few minutes we receive on mobile before mobile notifications were so accurate.

Anyone of you guys noticed these issues ?

Sellers- Please check for this bug
Las seen 47 years ago

may be 47 minute or seconds


It can be 4 hours and 7 minutes :slight_smile:


Looks Creepy :fearful:


It’s you from the past trying to help the you from the future. The time has come! :star2:


I am using time machine lolx :heart_eyes:. Actually the bug can be from php timestamp


As long as all the instructions for the order are there, you just go ahead and do it.

‘You’ could also be a huge tipper. Lol​:joy::joy:


Wahhahah yeah obviously i am expecting a 1000$ tip from the buyer side lolx


There were so many tiny bugs in most of time… So just ignore them and do your work.
Time is money dude!!


@hi5_fiver you right buddy but he has yet provided the order requirements


Probably because unix time is calculated since 1970 (at least that’s what I hear) so if the time glitched then it might have thought it was then (~47 years ago)


Even my country was in the womb 47 years ago! :joy:


Don’t wait until for that… try buyer requests to get new orders :slight_smile:


think of the interest on your $5 that you could get by delivering 47 years ago!


Kinda funny. Maybe the person is a time traveler. LOL


I will explain time travel for $5… just sayin


No its feel like i have the time machine lolx he may met me 47 years ago on fiverr lolx :grinning:


The same here. My buyer did not put any information for the order as well, and this is quite high order (at leas for me $165). Might be a bot or something.


Yeaah I remember when buying Fiverr gigs 47 years ago was cool


Still the buyer have not provided any requirements yet. Some time people just don’t care about there money and some time they really do. 400,300,250,25,5 are waiting for buyer requirements and its been month with it.
But i fear if they provide requirement all in one time that will be huge problem of time by than.