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Yesterday i canceled a order

can anyone tell me what is the bad effect for cancelling order in my account ? and how can anyone survive from it ? i mean from the bad effect and how should i avoid cancelling order ?


Order cancellation decrease your 10% sales.It also effects on your levels.If you’re order cancallation is less than 90% than your level will decrease.Like from level 2 to level 1.But no need to worry more.When you try to complete more orders then your level will increase automatically at 15 date of coming month.


thanks for your kind response but do you know the tricks that how to avoid this kind of situation? @rfj_graphics

By communicating the buyer well and understand what he exactly wants and deliver him.
But still if the order cancels you should have to struggle to complete the order.
Then i 100% sure your rating will increase

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It’s better to ask buyer contact seller first before ordering.
This way…, you can get clear understanding for the project…, and whether or not the project is match with your description :slight_smile:

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thank you, i really appreciate your response

Thanks for your valuable comment

don’t worry its a part of business ,