Yet again another High expectation Customer


I made a banner, I didn’t really know what design he is after because he didn’t explain what he is looking for just provided me info for text. I hate it I ask what are you looking for NO RESPONSE, then I hit deliver on the banner I designed he says wasn’t the level I was looking for, Me thinking ok? What is it that you want then I’m no mind reader if I was I would make a new gig on mind reading, these buyers make me sick.


I had to deal with this a lot when I had my book trailer gig up. I’d get orders from people saying, “Just be your creative self – I trust you.” And then when I delivered the video, it would be, “Oh, that’s not quite what I was expecting.”

Oh really? Why didn’t you TELL me what you were “expecting”?

I’d ask what they needed (I offered one free revision), and it would be, “Well, you should have done this and this, and this thing over here, and that…” And on and on, and I’m like, HELLO, what do you think the communication page is for? If they’d told me all that up front, I could have made that. Instead, they tell me to be “creative”, when what they really want is for me to pluck the video from the pages of their mind…which I don’t really have the knack for.

Communication, people. You want your order to look a certain way, TELL THE SELLER. And be CLEAR about it. Don’t just say, “Be creative,” or, “Have fun,” or don’t just not say anything at all and then expect the seller to grasp what’s in your head. Common sense!


I totally understand how you feel, drives me nuts when this happens. Did they even tell you what they wanted changed, are you willing to revise?


They didn’t even tell me what needs to be changed this is what the customer said,

Hi Sorry but thats no the level i expected …


Like that doesn’t even represent anything other than you didn’t tell me what needs to be fixed and expect me to “Magically” make something that you will like.


Reply to @chase183: Sheesh, like pulling teeth. How are you supposed to know what they expect? Like it’s some secret, guess it’s time to play 20 questions… Sorry you had to deal with such a frustrating situation.


I never start working on an order if the instructions are insufficient unless the buyer gives me creative freedom. This is why i found it impossible to offer express gigs unless you’re ok with delivering late due to waiting for instructions after timer has started.



I really don’t know how should the banner looked like that why i need a professional.

So first you tell me my design skills aren’t good than he says Im not professional, First of all this is fiverr if you want someone to be professional you will pay above 5 dollars. I cancelled this order


And sometimes, on their end, they think it’s us sellers being obtuse, when in reality, it’s the buyer who refuses to provide sufficient information. I’ve been going back and forth for two days with this buyer on an order, trying to get him what he wants me to do, and all he can do is, “Well…maybe you could do this, or this, or this, or this?” (All of these things costing different amounts of money and requiring even further instructions, which he also refused to provide.)

If you didn’t know what you wanted me to do (basically, what you were paying for), why would you place the order?


Ugh, this happens to me endlessly. I consider ‘use your creativity’ line as a euphemism for ‘I have no ideas so I want you to come up with them for me’.

We need to add a surcharge for creativity!


But many people don’t and thats why they will click on a gig which says ‘design’ service. If its not a design service and merely resizing something or similar to fit a Facebook timeline etc, then say so! Just had a massive time waste when I clicked on a design service and got the EXACT same thing back!!! Literally a copy and paste of what was already on Facebook profile and timeline, for a Facebook profile and Timeline! Add in an extra for design from scratch or something but make clear what you are actually offering, much better for all involved! You will still get the hard to please, but they will be much less frequent. My two pennyworths anyway!


As a buyer I find this can work both ways though- I can often send a detailed explanation of a design I want, highlight the elements of their previous work I like and even send across a rough draft of the design and then I get a design back that is completely different: different elements, colour and style which means I have basically wasted my money even though I have paid extra for a higher quality gig. I then feel bad asking the seller to redo it especially if the second version is also completely different from the original request. I think it’s great if sellers use their creativity but they need to also bear in mind the details of the buyer’s original request.


Reply to @emasonwrites: These are my thoughts exactly! Someone takes the time to look through hundreds, thousands of sellers and finds the one they are looking for but has no idea what they want the seller to do?!?! Why were they even looking for someone in the first place? It makes zero sense. This has happened to me several times. A buyer sends me a message asking if I can assist them with basic admin tasks and gives a broad description like “I need someone to check my emails, make a few calls and do some calendar adjustments etc”. To which I respond “sure, I can help you with that. Just revise me with the specific details and we can get started”. Next the buyer orders a gig with a message like “I will get back to you with the details” followed by nothing. I receive no respomse for days sometimes never. Then upon requesting a mutual cancellation the buyer acts confused.

My only guess is that some buyers have no idea what Fiverr is or how it operates. They assume that buying a service means that they have someone to use at some point for a service they think they as end up needing eventually.

I can appreciate someone trying to be prepared and getting help in place for the future but that’s just not how Fiverr is set up to operate.


Reply to @missashley8705: I think you’re right, I think a large part of it is that some buyers have no idea how to use this website. (Probably a lot of sellers, too, but I’ve encountered a lot of buyers that can’t figure out why they need to send me instructions on the order page).


Reply to @emasonwrites: After 2 years i still figure out new things about fiverr on a weekly basis. I think fiverr should focus more on in depth support articles and and their visibility in relevant situations.