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Yet another bug, disappearing "thread" while typing

Yet another bug, disappearing “thread” while typing. This is a new one. It’s happened a few times. At first I thought it was my mistake but when it happened numerous times, I figure it’s worth mentioning. Most of these bugs seem forum related, wonder if they will ever update it to actually work properly. Anyways.

How this one seems to work. I was typing a discussion, switched to a different tab for a second, then come back. A big white box pops up like an error message was occurring then the discussion creation box reloads but without my message so I have to write it from scratch. It does this for responses to threads too. I had this experience in a discussion I created, then responded to and did something similar. Not really a “serious” bug that is going to frustrate anyone, but if you’re like me and type up a big long message and don’t quite finish it… then all of a sudden you click out, come back, and it’s gone… it can be annoying. More like a “heads-up” bug for those that might type lengthy responses. It doesn’t always seem to happen, but it happens… a bit too often for my liking.

Anyone else experience anything like this? It could just be an issue on my end.

@madmoo I try to do that most of the time, but sometimes I get so caught up in typing it that I don’t really think about it. By the time I do, it’s too late. When I actually do copy and paste it, it never seems to happen. I feel like Fiverr’s forum is playing tricks on me! Still is confusing that I get a blank white message with no information. Found the drafts area, however. The threads that disappeared aren’t listed there, unfortunately. Would have saved me a lot of time, hmmm.

Reply to @madmoo: There are a few, but still missing a lot! Ah well. Hasn’t been anything all too significant. It doesn’t happen often but when it does, it’s frustrating! I hope by posting this thread up and others I can get an idea if a lot of these bugs are just on my end or whether it happens to others too on occasion. Maybe with specific settings or something else, not sure.

I think I’ve seen what you’re talking about, or at least something similar. It happens to me as I’m typing a comment, then a box pops up, sometimes it says “Error”, sometimes it also has an error number which is quite long, full of numbers and letters, but sometimes the box is just blank. Then the page I’m on briefly goes blank. When it comes back, I’m now at the top of the page and usually some or all of my message is gone.

I’ve been seeing this on and off for a couple weeks.

@celticmoon Yep, that is more or less what happens. Although most of the time I don’t get the error message and it just gives me a blank box. Good to know it’s not just me. However, I bet if I report this bug like the others I have had to Fiverr’s CS they will tell me it’s an issue on my end. I had this happen months ago, but ever so recently… it’s been happening a lot more. Not sure if that really means anything, maybe the forum has just been busier than usual and it just can’t handle the traffic? Who knows. Pretty sure these kind of bugs should probably be looked into though. Perhaps I am being hopeful. I am more interested in the Fiverr Extras bug at the moment that they claim doesn’t exist, but hopefully this one can be solved at some point, too!