Yet another Fiverr app bug - anyone else has it too?


Dear Fiverr app team,

In the past 1-2 weeks I found a bug in the app. Anytime my android phone’s Fiver app sends me a notification, when I tap it, it starts up the fiverr app and takes me to one particular conversation I had weeks ago. The notification is for a new message from a new client, but every time it goes back to a single discussion, and I manually have to find the new message.

Can I do something to fix this?


Yes, thank god! I was starting to get worred that I was the only one.


Did you try reinstalling it?


I’m having the same experience.


Exactly Same experience.


Same experience :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


Same, as well as slow or NO notifications.:expressionless: I’ll try reinstalling it later.


Same… Also slow notifications or none at all.


Not yet. I cleared cache and all data though, so I had to sign in again.


I am amazed how many people have the same experience. On one hand it’s good, it’s not my phone. On the other hand:
Fiverr, please fix this! This is a widely known problem!


I have the exact same issue! Grrrrr


try to install and restrat the mobile


i have never face such issue …try to reinstall the app that might be your cell phone fault:


Same here…:expressionless::thinking:


Yes I have been facing since 1 week and its totaly confusing me


Hmm I have an iPhone, no issues such as this. I would try to re-install or update the app. If this problem persists then I would file a ticket to CS and have them check it out ofr you.


Hi guys,
Fiverr’s app team here. For those who experience the issue, does it happen on Android/iOS?

We will make sure we fix this issue.


Yes, I’ve an Android and while I love looking at one of my past five star ratings, I’ve memorized it word for word now! Thank you for looking in to it.


Not sure it it helps but I have an android too and I am not experiencing any issues.


I haven’t faced such issue ever before