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Yet another rant about cancellations


So, I wake up this morning to a new order, yay! My joy, however, faded when I opened the order it was clear that this person had nothing for me to proofread but was asking me to complete a school assignment (I’d still like to know where it’s stated in my Gig description that this is something I do).

Now, obviously I cancel the order immediately and tell them to do their own work. But this person actually declines the cancellation! Whatever, I’ll contact CS to deal with it and figure while I’m at it, I might as well ask how this affects my cancellation rate and the upcoming review.

While I’m waiting for a reply, I do get a message from the buyer informing me that they hit the wrong button and do, in fact, wish to cancel. Great.

A few hours later, I finally hear from a CS agent who says they noticed it was cancelled and will mark is resolved. BUT! In response to my question…they provided a generic list of tips to avoid cancelling orders, like extending delivering time if it turns out an order will take longer. Wow, thanks. Never would’ve thought of that myself. But they also helpfully added a reminder that I can also fail the review my violating the ToS…

So…what exactly do we do about orders that “violate” the ToS? Seems like no matter what you do, you’re putting your account at risk.


Sorry this happened to you! I agree that it’s not our fault most of the time when there is a cancellation and it’s unfair to be penalized for these.

Apparently there is no mechanism to deal with an order like the one you got that won’t count against you.


Put a disclaimer in your gig. It doesn’t stop people ordering but I have two gigs now where I state that I do not offer refunds on any orders. If someone orders something I don’t provide, they get a generic article about a subject of my choosing or the exact video used to promote a video gig.

Someone ordered from my Bitcoin article writing gig two days ago asking me to send them some Bitcoin. They got a 300-word article about HempCoin. I haven’t had to deal with the review fall out yet but I’m sticking to my system. I don’t have time for these dishwasher rags of buyers and you shouldn’t either.


This is fantastic! (20 char.)


Isn’t that like a backdoor for competitors to have a valid reason to load you with negative reviews? :grimacing: Not to mention the risk of endless cancellation requests from the buyers, chargebacks and so on.


They should penalize the buyers!


It’s a new thing, we’ll see how it goes. I don’t see why, however, I should have to cancel orders from people who order a 300-word article and send me a PSD flyer design to edit.

The point is, I do not cancel. If you place an order and it never starts because you don’t fill in the details, fine. If, however, you place an order for to have an ebook converted, because you have read a post from me on the forum saying how I used to do that but don’t any longer, guess what? You don’t you get an ebook converted. You get what my gig says you get and if you want to argue about that, you go explain to CS why you just did what you did.

If someone is going to be stupid enough to try and down rank me, I will know because that would be indicated by a steep rise in such orders and I would notify CS asap.

I don’t have time for idiots and I’m on fire with orders at the moment, simply by stamping on them. In this case, I’m not going to stop just yet.


Kind of brilliant I must say :thinking:

Really looking forward to the results you’ll be getting!


Just a one sentence reply, “”"There should be rules for such buyers as well and evidence or proof as a message to say who is guilty and charged against it.’’’’’

Seriously do we sellers have any protection or not ?


They should allow a certain number of cancellations per month (maybe 5) - making concessions for such things as buyers “ordering the wrong gig” or even having buyer’s regret.

It doesn’t happen that frequently, but it happens enough, and those instances should not affect the seller – who did NOTHING wrong at all… in any way.


To be perfectly honest, unless it’s stated in your Gig details that you DON’T do x,y and z people will assume that you did and Fiverr will not be on your side. Even though a Buyer is “supposed to” read the Gig details prior to placing their order per Fiverr’s policy, they can’t “force” a Buyer to do so.

When it doubt, note it so there is something to show them when it comes to requesting work that you don’t advertise or advertise against. :slight_smile:


Problem is, if I note specifically that I will not do anyone’s homework, it’ll trip their bot that searches for forbidden Gigs and I’ll end up with my Gig suspended for three or so days until an actual human being looks at it and sees the word “not.”


Then you need to either a) contact CS and let them know that you need to include the word so they will approve your Gig and/or b) note what type of work you don’t do in your FAQ’s.


I am fascinated by this idea. Do you have any special delivery message you use when dealing with these kinds of buyers?


Fiverr is never on your side. They do their absolute best to make it impossible to offer a professional service.


Today I had someone purchase 100 words, then submit a script of 300. I cancelled because they did not respond to my offer to add words.

I have thought about that, also disclaiming that if you want cancel you will get a credit instead. Are these allowed within scope of TOS?

I was thinking of something along the lines of, "If you request cancel, I will fill the order with a file of me singing a random song by Wham.


Be careful now, someone might actually order it :stuck_out_tongue:
You can add it to the gig description. That way you’ll be covered if they dispute :wink:


Do you do requests? :musical_note:


You know that is brilliant. If you place the cancel = WHAM! song clause in the description, then the part of TOS that says if you deliver as described then gig is not eligible for cancel allows you to enforce it.


Yes but most requests are to not sing.

If I do, (and I am seriously tempted), I am going to bring in this gig and we will rock it. I always wanted backup singers.