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Yet Another So Called "Artist"!


And that would be me, greetings and bienvenue!

I’m new to fiverr which you can take to mean “I have no clue how any of this works yet”. In theory I’ll figure things out in time but we will have to wait and see if I ever actually do.

Drawing, creating art, isn’t new to me but figuring out how to profit off of it is a beast I have yet to tame. I figure as I look around I will pick up what sells and how to properly conduct my business. In the mean I suppose I should take any advice I can get as I stumble along and try to find my footing. I’m still most accustomed to doing traditional work but due to potential difficulties in delivering I’ve been working on my digital adaptations.

Really, what’s the worst that can happen?


Welcome to Fiverr!

At this point, awesome sauce can happen. It’s a jungle out there but you’ll persevere and make your way through. Sure, you may get a couple cuts, scratches, and swarming flies pestering you. But, when you do hit a snag there are some great people here to give you advice. Customer Support is always here for you, too.

P.S ~ saved your gig as a favorite. :wink:


Ahhahahaaa, thank you!

Truthfully I have plenty of bumps and bruises already so a few more aren’t much of a problem.