Yet more frustrations with Fiverr. CS cancel order but don't state why?


So what does it mean when I place an order, everything is agreed, the seller seems very keen, then suddenly a couple of days later Fiver Customer Services say they have cancelled the order but give no reason. And now the seller “cannot be contacted at this time”. What should I infer from this?

And they ask me to rate the seller in terms of communication and likelihood to buy from him again. How can I answer that if I don’t know what’s going on? I could rate Fiverr’s communication as pretty useless if they won’t tell me why they’ve cancelled the order, but they don’t ask me to rate them.

Can anyone explain this please?


It sounds like the seller suddenly had their account banned for some reason and is no longer on fiverr.

Or the seller has had an emergency and had to leave fiverr possibly.


So either way, since I got no helpful communication or warning of potential cancellation from either supplier or Fiverr I should mark as zero stars for communication and zero stars for would I use again.


It’s up to you how you mark it. The marks go against the seller but if that seller is not even here it won’t matter.

If there was some kind of “disagreement” between you and the seller this could also be the reason this happened.


As I stated, the seller was very keen. The order went through without a hitch. The seller didn’t communicate with me at all after that. There was no disagreement.


First, as Miss Crystal stated, check to see if the seller is still on 5r.

If yes, then they asked customer service to cancel the order - probably because they were overwhelmed or various other reason. They also asked them to block you, so that you can no longer contact them.

The lowest you can rate is one :star: - - - since the seller failed to communicate with you and give you a reason, deciding to go to CS instead, I’d give one or two star for communication. Considering this experience, one star for buy again.

If the seller account no longer exists, then they were banned for doing something naughty.


I don’t know how to check if they still exist. If I click on them the screen goes to a page full of different accounts without them being there and no explanation as to what’s happened. BUT they do still appear in the page of offers that came in to the request I originally put out. If they have blocked me without communicating I find that pretty appalling so definitely would have to give the lowest score possible just to warn other people since I don’t seem to be able to leave any comment or review or find out the cause.


They are no longer on fiverr at all from what you said.


Okay, thank you.

It seems I have to pad out this reply with more characters for some reason.


Sounds like I just have to hope they aren’t going to try to abuse the original music MP3 file and lyrics I sent them - hey ho.


Yeah, unfortunately with a platform that is international you have to take the good with the bad.

There are some really amazing, trustworthy, honest sellers here; however, there are about the same number that go in the opposite direction.

I will :pray: that your file and lyrics are safe.


Its a risk that I was taking anyway and that as a songwriter you sometimes have to just take. Can’t keep the art locked away for safety forever. But when someone disappears on you like this after being so keen it heightens your concerns that they could have possibly have had less than desirable intentions from the off. I’ll hopefully never know.