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Yet to attain my Level 2 badge after creating 50 Orders!


Hi All,
I have successfully created over 50 Orders in a couple of months and I’m yet to attain my Level 2 badge. Can anyone please tell me what seem to be the problem if any. Your comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!



Level 2 is obtained after completed 50 orders in two consecutive months with excellent rating.


Yes I know that and I have that. Still have’nt obtained it yet @anjylina.

#4 use this link and choose any appropriate sibject and simply descibe your situation that you have 50 orders and rating is higher than required. If I am eligible then please raise my level


Dear Mel:

If you were melgraphics, I would congratulate you on obtaining your Level 2 Badge!

Unfortunately, you appear to be melgraphics_, so all I can do is hope that Customer Support fixes this for you with all due haste:

Because the Fiverr Forum seems to arbitrarily add 1s to certain user names, I suggest you take the time to earn your Autobiographer Badge, particularly adding a link to your Fiverr profile, so that other forum participants will be able to easily view your correct profile information.


[Please note: I edited this post based on information I learned later in this thread.]


If you have completed 2 months on fiver and all your 50 orders are marked as completed then you should already have level 2 badge. It could be a technical issue that you are not granted level two badge or maybe you have did something against fiverr’s rule :frowning:
So you have only one option right now is to submit a ticket and ask them that why you haven’t received the badge. They will answer all you questions.

I hope this is helpful :slight_smile:


wow Congratulations :slight_smile:
I am amazed by his reviews. Its been a year and I haven’t got 500 reviews.
he/she achieved it in 2 months. thats impressive.


@graphics_hub211 @melgraphics has been on Fiverr since July 2015. When I try to search for @melgraphics1, I get the following message: " The user account you are looking for is no longer available."

So, I’m not sure what’s going on here. :slight_smile:


@catwriter I am also getting the same message.


Its a bug Kitty Kat.
When a user changes his email address the number “1” is added to the forum id.


but we are searching him as melagraphics not melagraphics1. and still no result


its melgraphics. no “a”


oh i see it now.
but actually the person who has posted this is someone else.


He hasn’t received his level 2 badge yet.
the person with 941 reviews is someone else.


No you found the right profile. (Compare the profile pictures)
He most probably updated his email address so the forum ID got changed.



can you answer this please. I dont know if I chose the wrong category because I haven’t received any answers yet and kind of worried.


Dear Graphics:

I would chalk that up to seasonal variations.

If you listen to FIverrcast, they discuss that many times.

Another thing that many Forum users might not be aware of is that transcripts for many episodes are available via the Fiverr blog.

With 48 episodes out, Fiverr covers most topics that might be of interest to you.

I performed a cursory search and believe that episode 29 might be of use to you in this context:

I invite you to study the Fiverrcast transcripts and then post a quote from the transcripts for Fiverr that best answers your questions.

For example, here’s a quote about conversion rates:

So for example, if you had 100 Gig clicks and one person ordered, you would have a one percent conversion rate or be at five. It would be a five percent conversion rate. All of these metrics are in the last 30 days.

Redd: And something to bear in mind when people are looking at conversions is a lot of people have a conversion rate that – they might consider it fairly low, like somewhere around like a three or four or five percent. That’s actually fairly high and pretty standard. So if you feel like your conversion rate is low and it’s over two percent, then you’re doing actually pretty well.

Here’s another quote that may be on point here:

The main thing that I do is I write down at the end of every month what – how much I have earned that month and then I look and see if I actually took any days off that month, remove them from the number and then factor that out so that I know exactly how much money I made per day because there are different amounts of days in different months. It gives me an idea of whether or not this particular month was honestly better than last month because I can see whether or not my per day income has increased and that’s how I also factor what kind of impact it would have if I decided to take time off.

So I have that and then I have another notebook where I literally track for every single day of the week how many orders I received that day and the reason I do that is because I can basically say, OK, today is Tuesday. Today I normally get about 35 orders but today, I’ve only gotten 22 orders. I can go back through and look at all of my Tuesdays and see when like – when that trend occurred and it’s basically a way for me to keep on track and not drive myself crazy by seeing whether or not I’m getting more orders than normal or less orders than normal.

I can kind of go through and look at a representative trend. I’m personally very into seeing how I’m performing on a day to day, week to week, month to month, year to year basis. So yeah, paper, pencil, that’s me. I’m really dull. So Adam, what do you do?

Adam: So I have two elements to mine. I have the tracking of revenues like you’re doing. Then I have the tracking of orders live so to speak. So for the tracking of revenues, what I actually do is each month I go to the revenues page and I export, usually export via CSV the amount cleared inside the previous month.

Then I put that into an Excel spreadsheet, count it all up and get the summary and then I basically – I don’t cross-reference that from the month before because I understand that there are different trends throughout different times of the year. Like January is normally quieter for me than November, et cetera.

So, to sum up, be sure to take advantage of all the tools Fiverr offers, including the Blog, Forum, Academy, and Podcast.

Good luck,


But why would he ask about getting to level 2 when he’s already been a level 2 seller for quite a while? I know about the bug with changing emails, but an established level 2 seller asking about getting his badge doesn’t make sense.


No @blaisefaint got the profile wrong

Check out this post, this is the correct profile:


Congratulations @Melgrapghics, it seems your post here attracted prompt attention as @blaisefaint post indicates. I wish you more sells because you are doing the green white green flag proud here.