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YIPPEE! Made it to Level 2. Doh... Sales dropped to practically Zero!

I now see the frustration so many other Sellers have experienced.

You work hard, bust your tail, get to Level 1… work harder, get to Level 2… then —

Zilch in sales.

How is this possible?

To get Level 2 with a great rating and see your sales dry up to zero.

I’ll even go DAYS without a single message from a prospective Buyer.


Seems like it needs a little tweaking to reward those who’ve proven to be good Sellers (thus making money for Fiverr with their 20% cut), not penalizing them by relegating them to the dregs of algorithm obscurity.

I’m pretty sure I’ll get to Level 2 in June, I have 100% on every aspect and I’m afraid of this ,consequence" as well, I raise my prices when I get to Lvl 2 but not too much because ,I want the world and the galaxy for 10$" maybe you should try that too, up it to 10$ more see what happens. If you believe me, I have gone months with no messages let alone sales, now it’s a bit better but so many time wasters and cheap ones… so many man… Anyway good luck with your sales.

Levels are a means to provide those with an incentive to achieve more, not necessarily to obtain more sales.

Congrats and have a great future.

I have read on the Forum that some buyers think Level 1 is better than Level 2. Maybe that is part of the issue?

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